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Njords (Ni-ORDs)

From the far north-western lands of Njordlend (in Bridish) or Stridvalgard (in Njordska) are the Njord people. The land is a peninsula of steep pine covered mountains rising from the cold waters of the Feigsaer Sea. It is a harsh land bordering the Ice Lands of the north and near to the Daemonium Abyssus or Demon Abyss. These circumstances have created a people and culture around the ideals and worship of strength, both physically and in character. They hector the northern and western edges of Auld with constant raiding and pillaging. Some diplomacy, trade, and intermingling has begun in more recent times.   The people here are the largest of the human race, with some growing well over 7 feet tall. In addition to their size, Njords are known for their almost snow white skin, light blonde or silverish hair, and bright blue eyes.   For names use any Scandinavian or Norse.


Major language groups and dialects

The language of the Njord is called Njordska.

Common Dress code

Due to the cold climate, furs and leathers are the customary dress of Njords.

Art & Architecture

Due to the heavy snows of the area, most homes are built in A-frames. Runic carvings and paintings of warriors are common place. They are also a people fond of tattoos, which also a runic in form.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

Upon birth, babies are bathed in the waters of the nearest sauna.

Coming of Age Rites

The winter after turning 16, Njords are subjected to Hvetdagr. This rite consists of a day of competitions, swimming the frigid seas, axing through massive pines, and other tests of physical prowess. As night approaches, each youngster must battle in hand-to-hand combat with a village elder. Victory is not required, only that they make a good showing. Afterward, the entire village celebrates with a feast and heavy drinking.

Funerary and Memorial customs

As long as the Njord dies an honorable death, the family builds a boat on which the body is place with their weapons or a ceremonial axe. The boat is then set a light and pushed out to sea.


Beauty Ideals

These are people where strong, size, and honor are valued above all.

Gender Ideals

Societal roles are entirely interchangeable. In fact, often couples with infants will alternate raising and raiding, or just bring the child with them.

Courtship Ideals

When a couple is agreed, it is customary for the couple to engage in ceremonial hard-to-hand combat with the matching parent of their partner to prove their worth. Bride's fighting mothers-in-law, husband's with fathers-in-law, though if this is not possible the remaining parent or clan head with step in.

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