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Being the most prevalent race in the world of Eorde, Humans come in all kinds. They are as varied as the lands they inhabit across the western world. As much as humans shape and bend the natural world to aid their growth, the world shapes the people settled upon it. The further south the people settle, the darker their skin grows. Tones can range from ivory white to ebony black. It is similar with the hues of eyes and hair, though same humans have taken to rituals of society or magic to change these to suit their appearance.    As varied as their appearances, the societies that they have formed are just as varied. Some languages and traditions have crossed cultures while other aspects diverge entirely. The world of Humans is ever-changing as ten generations of humans can pass in the blink of an eye in comparison to the other races that populate Eorde.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Humans are the most populous of the race on the major Eastern continents, thus also making them the most populous in all of Eorde. There are humans who have crossed the Ulyssic Ocean to the Western continents as well as the islands dotting it's waters.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Humans have varying naming traditions, much like their cultures. The most common tread is for nobility and the people of means to have given names to accompany their clan or family name. In some lands, the lower classes will have the structure as well, however in many cases they will only have a given name and address themselves using "son/daughter of" or "of" followed by the location of their home or birth.


Little is known about humanity under the rule of their Gods as much of the information has been lost. It is known that the human pantheon was plentiful before the war of the Gods, much like their progeny. It is believed that this drive and diversity is the last gift of their many fallen gods. After this, the human numbers declined rapidly during the Chaotic era. Eventually, groups of survivors would build settlements again and over the millennia of the Bestial and Mortal ages, these settlements would flourish and diverge into the form of humanity now walking Eorde's surface.
60-70 years
Average Height
Ranging from 5 to just over 7 feet
Average Weight
Ranging from 80lbs to over 400.
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities

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