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Bridenetian (Breh-den-knee-shun)

The people of Bridenetia are from the south central part of Auld, predominantly along the southern coasts. The heartland people of the Cadian empire, these people are known to hold that prestige when in elevated positions. They are a people of pursuits, industrious, curious, diplomatic and ambitious. Bridenetians are known for innovation and driving exploration for the human realms.   Much of the economic systems, such as the growing usage of banks, and guilds are the creations of Bridenetian society. They also created the schooling system that many human realms use. Perhaps the most well known creation of their innovative nature is the firearm.   Bridenetians are quite intermingled with all races due to the Cadian empire but they are still known to mostly have slightly olive skin, darker tints of the range of hair and eye color.   For names use English, and Italian.


Major language groups and dialects

Their heritage language is Bridish, the most common spoken language in Auld.

Common Dress code

Bridenetian commoners dress in simple light cotton of vibrant colors, while the richer ones will wear colorful silks.

Art & Architecture

Most homes in these lands are built of stone, the richer homes being constructed of marble or having precious material finishings. Homes are often painted in bright colors as well. They often use compluvium or displuvium rooves.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

Newborns are often shown to the sun after birth, even before being cleaned or handed to their mother as a shown of appreciation to Sol Invictus.

Coming of Age Rites

The young attend schools to learn until the age of 12. From this age the either can turn to work on farm or mines, join a guild as an apprentice, or continue their learning. They are consider adult upon turning 18, and in the Grand Republic of Luceterra earn the right to vote.

Funerary and Memorial customs

The day of the Funerary rites for Bridenetian people start just before dawn, when the family cleans and prepares them to greet the sun. Rites and remembrances are held throughout the day until the sunset when the bodied is laid upon a pyre and burned with the setting sun. After the pyre burns down, the ashes are collected and mixed with water from the nearest sanctified source. These are the 3 holy rivers (Cuthbert RiverHeironeous River, and Trithereon River), Helm Lake, or the Caerulae Sea. The urn is then buried in the family's resting place.


Beauty Ideals

The beauty ideals fluctuate greatly in Bridenetian society based on the job or place in society of the person. People who work in more manual labors refer a hearty stock, however high society has shifted to more slender archetypes. Above all else, tact and decorum are highly valuable personal traits.

Gender Ideals

Though not as stringent as in the past, society does cling to some measure of females tending to the homestead while the males journey and venture. This is especially true in high society.

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