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Auld (Ah-ld)

One of the seven continents of Eorde, home of the Arcem Solis and the cradle of humanity in the western edge of the eastern world.


Auld is a very diverse land in very compact space relative to the other continents. The western sides are rather flat grasslands and rolling hills with a few lesser mountain ranges. Dense deciduous forests become more and more commonplace moving east and north wise across the land along with more drastic higher mountain ranges. Eventually deciduous trees start to give way to pine and other evergreens. Numerous rivers cut through the land, adding to the fertility already present.   Beyond the northern mountain ranges are the Ice Lands, which spend most to all of the year entirely covered in ice.   To the south is the Caerulae Sea, which is the large inland sea that separates Auld and Aucari.   To the west, the massive Ulyssic Ocean.   To the east, the Ring of Fire and Ice, the Obsidian Sea, and the Sarat Badlands dividing it from Aesuan.

Ecosystem Cycles

Much of the continent has a four season climate cycle, though parts of the continent due have shifts in that. The further north leads to shorter summers and longer winters until reaching the Ice Lands, where what is called winter last most of the year. The southern parts, such as those around Luceterra, have a slightly different cycle. These areas see no snow but instead are subject to dry summers and wet rainy winter months with mild periods in between.


The history of Auld is dominated by the history of humans and the church of the Sol Invictus. In the early years of the Bestial Era, the church would form and bring stability and hope for humanity to prosper in the absence of the gods. The reign of the Dragon Kings would be a tumultuous time, but their eventual defeat would bring about the Mortal Era and the Cadian Empire  Eventually the Cadian would fall after nearly 1000 years leaving the realm of Auld and it's humans is a time of secular fluctuation for power.
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