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Warrior's Wine

"What do you scoff at? Warrior's Wine is a legendary drink for the strong-willed and stout-hearted."
"You mean those with resolve of steel and stomachs of iron. If you fail to find your glorious death on the battlefield, a barmaid will bring it to you in a cup."
"I haven't the faintest idea what you're implying, my friend, Warrior's Wine is naught but a bracing drink for the wandering adventurer."
"If Warrior's Wine is bracing, I dread to know what you consider a strong drink."
— An excerpt from Act I of 'The Merriers and the Battle of a hundred Swords'

ordel Wine

more commonly known as Warrior's Wine, is a famous wine brewed by the Knights of Yaosing at the Third Temple of Yaosing in southern [Lleeld]. Mordel Wine is very different from all other recipes that include [Mordel] berries, of which there are many, as Mordel berries have strong alchemical properties: nothing is done to reduce their incredible potency--and incredibly sour taste.   Mordel Wine is a particular favorite with warriors to drink before battle as the healing powers of the Mordel berries enhances their strength and helps prevent the development of infections if they are wounded. The difficulty is only the staunchest warrior can knock back even one sip of Mordel Wine without making the most hilarious of faces and coughing heavily. As with anything made with fresh, undried Mordel berries, there is also the possibility of convulsions, though this possibility decreases with exposure.   [Dragonkin] SHOULD NOT drink Mordel Wine as Mordel berries are highly flammable!  


Mordel wine is a very deep purple color, several shades darker than Mordel berries themselves. While the size and shape of the bottles it is packaged in vary, they are always stamped with Yaosing's feather on the bottom.


Sharply acidic and vaguely smokey with a bright, semi-sweet undertone


Mordel wine is thicker than the average wine, sometimes syrupy in advanced age.

Generally Pairs with:

Real warriors can down Mordel Wine on empty stomachs.

Manufacturing process

The Traditions of Atrd

Due to the importance of winemaking to the local economy of Atrd, much of the community has become structured around the process of winemaking.

  • [Picking Days] are a team competition for children held every year at harvest time where groups of three or four children race each other to fill their baskets full of Mordel berries the fastest. Adults rarely participate, as Mordel bushes flourish best on cliffs and ridges where being small is a distinct advantage to picking.
  • Up next is Stomping Days and share among the adults while it's still young.
  • As quite a lot of wine is made each year at the Temple, straining the wine during the fermentation process over the winter months is an affair that takes a great deal of effort on behalf of the [Reverend Knight]s. As such, many adults in the village also dedicate some of their labor; children are expected to help pick up the slack over these few days to aid their parents. Often this is seen as a "trial-run" for young apprentices and those seeking to prove themselves. However, the thing most associated with the [Week of Straining] is the one unpleasant thing: the smell.
  • Early Spring is known as [Barrel-Riding Season] in Atrd, as that is the time when most caravans depart with casks of wine for taverns. Adventurous youngsters often "ride the barrels" down the hills a ways to explore the northern towns before walking back up as a group. Despite this time-honored rite of passage, the whole affair is discouraged by adults, as children out get caught in the northern territories due to Spring flooding.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Mordel Wine is most easily found in establishments owned, operated, or nearby places owned or operated by the Knights of Yaosing. Most taverns of means in Lleeds also keep at least one bottle of Mordel Wine in their cellars as it is also a particular favorite of those seeking to humiliate anyone foolish enough to accept a dare or acknowledge a debt to them.   Mordel Wine is unlikely to be found outside of Humankind settlements.
Base Price
3 silver per glass, 2 gold per bottle
Raw materials & Components
  • Stomping barrels
  • Wine press - originally crafted in [Nalathest]
  • Fermentation barrels - glass, sand imported from [Tako], crafted in [Nalathest]
  • Aging barrels - oak, imported from [Turcosia]

Upon Consumption:

  Roll 1 success die(d6) + Athletics for a TN of 10 (no bonus for a natural 6). Regardless of outcome, if a character is Miserable, make a Corruption roll for +1 Shadow. Characters who are Wounded or Exhausted automatically fail.

If passed:

Gain [Mordel's Blessing], which lasts for one Adventuring phase or until the character becomes Exhausted.  
Mordel's Blessing: +3 to Awe, +2 to Battle, +2 to Healing, +1 to Athletics. Loose -1 to Awareness. Reduces the TN of Healing rolls to 12.

If failed:

Gain [Mordel's Curse], which lasts for one Adventuring phase, or can be dispelled with a Healing roll at TN 17.
If the failed roll was less than 5 total, also roll the Feat die(d12): Gandalf rune(12) no Endurance damage is taken during Mordel's Curse, Eye of Sauron (11) the character experiences convulsions for an additional -1 Endurance, all other rolls have no effect.
Mordel's Curse: -2 Endurance (curable), -2 to Awe, -2 Athletics, -1 to Inspire, and -1 to Healing.

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Author's Notes

Cover image photograph by Daniel Vogel on Unsplash, with minor edits by the author.
This article was written for the Food, Glorious Food! Challenge

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I love that the manufacturing process is tied in with a village's traditions! Has Atrd experienced any foreboding harvests or has their land only seen abundance?