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The Afflicted

With the development of Fog, the German High Command had a very specific purpose in mind. This gas was meant to drive their enemies mad, turning their soldiers and tanks against each other and allowing for the front lines to be breached. However, the gas was too effective, leading to tens of thousands of Germans, British, and French to be exposed.   No one knows who came up with the term "Afflicted". However, many consider it apt due to the behavior of the Afflicted. They seem consumed with rage, fear, and panic, often taking out these emotions on themselves or the environment. Their only form of communication is in unintelligible howls or horribly mangled phrases. Worst of all, they seem especially bent on attacking those who have managed to escape Fog exposure, prioritizing attacking the sane over each other.   Although not especially intelligent, the Afflicted can be an incredible threat. Either through numbers, technology, or a combination of the two, the Afflicted can often find ways to overcome the unwary. Some even use the equipment they were armed with before the Fog dispersal, sending volleys of inaccurate fire towards their targets.

Basic Information

Ecology and Habitats

They are a product of Fog exposure. As such, they exist only where the Fog has been deployed. Currently, they reside in the Quarantine Zone and the Alps.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Although many believe that the Afflicted should starve and die like normal human beings, they continue to defy expectations. They do not seem to eat any rations they carry, or food in front of them, but they still remain dangerous. Even ones who have been exposed to Fog for weeks can still walk and act, though they do grow emaciated. It is noted that "fresher" Afflicted do tend to be stronger, but even starving ones can overpower the sane if given the chance.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Their faces tend to grow more flush, as heightened bloodflow colors the cheeks. Their eyes also experience excessive bloodflow, leading to degradation and extremely red eyes.

Average Intelligence

Some intelligence. They can still handle weaponry they used before becoming Afflicted. Occasionally, they even fight with preference on uniforms, with German Afflicted attacking British Afflicted.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

For Afflicted who have been exposed for a longer period of time, their eyesight begins to degrade due to their eyes slowly being ruined through excessive bloodflow and lack of moisture. However, their other senses have picked up slightly to deal with this. Their sense of hearing remains unaffected by gunfire or explosions, and they can seemingly determine the direction of a firefight through touch alone.
Average Physique
They are mostly similar to an average human. Some Afflicted sport serious wounds, and older Afflicted tend to grow emaciated from starvation. A few people have reported even more bizarre shifts in form, but those haven't been confirmed yet.

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