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Observation Platform Charlemagne

With the extreme resources being used in the new German weapons program, it was only natural that other programs were to either be abandoned or modified. One of the projects slated for destruction was the Zeppelin production line, the massive air vehicles no longer seen as viable for bombing raids. Most of these massive aircraft were either melted for raw materials or mothballed for later use. And yet, somehow three of these airships were marked off for a special project. As the importance of air support became apparent in the heavy fighting, some thought was put into how to improve the effectiveness of Germany's air force. One shocking idea, from an unknown inventor, came up with a seemingly mad idea: Why not use the zeppelins as staging grounds for aircraft raids? Soon, the three spared airships were connected together via extensive cables and welds. A makeshift air strip was hurriedly constructed on top, capable of supporting light scout and fighter aircraft. New facilities for crew, armament, storage, and even research were placed among the gondolas and internal compartments. After several months of refitting, the vessel was renamed and ready for the front lines. Unfortunately, its first deployment was to be above the Zone. It's objective was to provide aerial reconnaissance of the region and return, preferably without engaging anything. However, elements of the Royal Flying Corps made contact with the vessel, critically damaging it and allowing airborne infantry to board. Now, the vessel barely hangs in the air, Afflicted roaming throughout its halls. It is only a matter of time before it goes down, setting Vitremont Forest ablaze.

Power Generation

Several diesel generators onboard the vessel, running throughout the different areas.


The original engines of the different zeppelins act as the main propulsion system of the airship.

Weapons & Armament

Numerous anti-aircraft and machine guns are stationed across the ship, in order to deter British attacks and raids. An onboard armory provides weapons and ammunition for the ship's security detail.

Armor and defense

Heavy armor plating covers the vulnerable helium compartments, as well as light plating protecting the aircraft storage and crew compartments.

Communication Tools & Systems

Basic radios onboard, as well as signal flags and powerful electric lights.


There are onboard sensors to detect the presence of Fog, but otherwise the ship must rely on the crew to detect danger.

Additional & auxiliary systems

There are several systems meant to ensure the comfort of the crew, such as electrical heating, ventilation, and some medical facilities.

Hangars & docked vessels

Observation Platform Charlemagne comes provided with four light scout aircraft, as well as several emergency pods that can be lowered to the surface.
Et vincere nemo sustentet
Owning Organization
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passengers Capacity
150 passengers

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