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Keye Losond'erai (KEY low-SAWND-eh-rye)

Keye Losond'erai is a notorious criminal, mostly known for duping travelers and robbing them blind.

Keye is one of the q'tari. Specifically, one of the flox, a species of floral mice. That description may not sound particularly threatening, and most flox aren't. That, perhaps, is one of the reasons Keye isn't taken very seriously, a snap judgment he consistently uses to his advantage. On the rare occasions when Keye's charade and subterfuge fail him, his skill with the laypi (called the "little rapier" among larger humanoids) has served him well. Well enough that he is still at large and has become something of a mythic figure.

Keye rarely kills, which has led to his moniker as The Gentleman Rogue. He did famously slay a party of three that found him out and attempted to dispatch him, and on another occasion, he killed a man who sought to take him down to impress the woman with him, as he didn't think Keye was a real threat. Unfortunately, when Keye dispatched the man, the woman in question screamed and fled, falling off of a cliff to her death. That was some bad press for Keye, but stories of his many heists and robberies continued to be told at inns and taverns everywhere, and his popularity hardly waned.

Keye is known as a master of disguise. A combination of physical alterations and magical effects makes it very hard to find him out. Sometimes he appears as a female flox, which is easy enough for him even without magic, and at other times he makes more serious alterations, sometimes even taking on the role of someone from another small species, like a gnome. In almost all cases, he appears to be weak or at least not up to whatever task might be expected of him. He was once taken into a royal carriage where he was fed and clothed, only to turn around and rob the entire royal caravan blind. (The caravan in question was a crystal elf caravan. It is still a well-loved story among bards, and the event actually affected relations between the two species--not for the better.) He has been gifted fine clothes, jewelry, and more. Sometimes he simply takes what he is given and never gives himself away, but it's often too tempting for him, it would seem...if he announces himself, he then feels justified to take even more, and he knows the story will start making the rounds, which feeds his rather prodigious ego.

He almost seems to want to be caught in recent years, taking on ever more dangerous thefts. Thus far, his skill and his luck are a match for his ego.

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