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Endalion's Vision, from the 'Letters to Ibrina' Collection

This letter has been translated twice...once into the trade tongue from an extant document in an ancient, runic script of the elves and once before that by the elves, translating the original letters which have not survived the passage of time. Elven scholars say the prognosticator, Endalion, was an elf, but he is credibly claimed by the q'tari, who have some ancient, extant documents by their "Endalia," also a soothsayer, and from a time when women were accepted in q'tari society as equals while elves were going through a long, patriarchal period, which would explain the name change to something more traditionally masculine.

Dearest Ibrina,

I know the Troth and the Twelve think I am a loon. But you saw the ninth pillar fall, as I had predicted. You watched as the young slave, Inixos, who killed the king's champion, won his freedom and used it to raise a rebellion, as I had foretold in no uncertain terms when I wrote, "The X will rise to sever the king's hand, and he will raise that hand to signal the start of a war."

I have had another vision. This one is, perhaps, the most intense yet, and it carries the strongest sense of urgency, yet it is a vision of a time in the far future. Against the odds, a small band must find the goddess' jaw. For where the sun sets on the watery horizon, all gods have been supplanted, and all shared visions will be torn asunder. The jaw can be found in the brown dog's nest.


While the meaning of the letter is debatable and the time period seen in the vision is unknown, the letter remains one of the most intriguing and oft-referenced, particularly as many of Endalion's, or Endalia's, visions have vindicated the soothsayer, improving her reputation with each passing year.

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