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The Maker LN Warhammer Fate, Magic, Smithing

The Church of Tomir

All in all, a winding wheel; steals your life and fate it seals; fills in others power grand; created by The Maker's hand.   - Sinnarntae Keldon of the Star's Glade
  All those that practice the arcane arts owe The Maker in some way, for it is they that brought order to balance magic's inherent chaos, and it is they that inscribed the rules by which it can be controlled. Followers of Tomir know their god sees the apportioned fate of all things, and believe through faith all things can be placed in order. Just as the rules for arcane casting were first dictated to Tomiran scribes, so too were the rules for enchanting, runecraft, and all other methods of magical inscription. Those that toil in the forges under Tomir's name will often find their steel harder, edges sharper, and craft cleaner, as it is said that the god of smithing sees his smiths as tools by which to fashion the world. While far from every arcane magic-user practices active worship to Tomir, invoking the god's name is a common practice when preparing spells nonetheless.   Tomir's clergy are highly-organized, led by a figurehead called the Epitome Eternal. Since the church's inception this position has been held by the immortal elf Ithilhael, who has crafted virtually all of the legendary and original elven craft, but is most known for his seven moonblades, the only ones of which are known to exist. Since Ithilhael has long-since abdicated his leadership, the church is now led by the Epitome Appoint, under which are several Archons that lead countries, Administrants that lead regions, and Arcanists that lead local churches. Tomir's holy book, known as the Arcanic Apogee, contains the original dictation for base-level magic and forms the foundation for all wizarding studies on Enos. Their holy symbol incorporates elements of hammers, magic, and an hourglass, with all of those being common in artistry related to the god.  

The Ascension Story

Only a few things are known of Tomir before their ascension, which isn't at all unusual for the Ascended. It is known they were a sibling to Pythas, and likely the older of the two by a few years. Likewise it is known they lived in the mageocracy of Indai. Records indicate they were a favored apprentice of the half-elf Atue Teirni, the Dying Queen of magic and water, a fact often pushed by the current government as a point of pride. It is also known that Pythas and Tomir were often inseparable.   The most widely-held belief of how the siblings ascended is a simple one. Pythas, always being the risk-taker of the two elves, urged Tomir to apply the code with which they codified magics to the entirety of the world. Under the supervision of Atue Teirni, the pair did just that, pulling on the power of the Dark Star to unmake chaos itself. While Pythas' intentions were pure and Tomir's master of magic apparent, no such thing happened. Instead, latent power within the siblings awoke, catapulting them to godhood. The elves of Indai and Valorus to this day bear the Mortalic mark on their skin, as it was this act that created the Drow (meaning "dark" in Elven a condition that affected even the Dying Queen that aided them. This mark, inherent to Mortalis, rendered the Drow weakened in the light of Animatus - a condition sometimes called the Sibling's Mark, both for Pythas and Tomir, but also the Twins themselves.  


Forge Day: This day celebrates the ascension of Tomir on 18 Quinta of each year. This holiday is not celebrated in public like Tinkerer's Day, but rather in small settings or private, where Tomir is venerated for their role in maintaining the fabric and march of magic and forward progress.  

Traditional Dress

Preferring lightweight robes in tans and browns traced with coppers and bronze, the clergy of Tomir are largely responsible for the traditional "wizarding garb."  


The Hammer Binds: Just as the forgemaster forever connects disparate metals, so too does fate bind us together.   Fate Provides: There is comfort in certainty.

The Maker