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The Unmaking Never

The Unmaking Never. The Great Beyond. The Space Between the Stars. The Twisting Eternal. The Place Outside. These are all names for the same place in the planar cosmology that occupies that which lies between. It is not so much a plane as the space outside all other planes. It is said the Apotheotheticals were banished here, along with a great many other horrifying evils. It is said this plane is the space from which all other planes originated. It is said this plane is where the gods would go if they were to die. Whatever is said about the plane, cosmologists agree that is it difficult to get to and impossible to escape for those not native to its strange and twisting makeup. The Unmaking Never, whether intentionally or not, is most of all a prison.  

The Prison Nature

The plane is known for holding the souls and physical bodies of the Dragon Kings that ruled Enos in its first age, along with a great host of other long-forgotten evils from ages past. It is speculated that creatures sent to the plane cannot return by any means once they are there. Some scholars subscribe to the Ritualist belief that the ritual of the Dying Queens may have something to do with this. Others of the Natural belief believe that this property of one-way transience is endemic to the plane and has been there since time immemorial. While the Natural school of thought has the majority of the on this issue, many of them still contend that the ritual of the Dying Queens definitely strengthened the borders of all other planes, albeit indirectly. After all, fortifying the border of the plane which touches all others also fortifies the border on the habitable side as well.  


Every demiplane created via the demiplane spell is thought to manifest in the Unmaking Never. Countless such demiplanes are thought to exist, along with demiplanes that grow and shift on their own. Every pocket dimension is thought to manifest here as well, which is why placing them inside each other is so destructive. Essentially, placing one pocket dimension inside another is attempting to fold nothing in on itself, creating a topological manifold of planar creation that cannot exist.  

The Border Oblique

To be beyond the planes is to be beyond reason. Creatures of horrid and unmentionable anatomy are said to hail from this realm. Starspawn, cosmic leviathan, and beholders are just a few of the known creatures that have made their way to The Prime Material from The Unmaking Never. The alien cosmos of the plane has doubtlessly produced countless other aberrations which have not yet been discovered, and more still that cannot be comprehended by mortal minds.