The Protectorate Grand Alliance

While the Grand Alliance system was originally designed as an escalation and response to the impending unification of the Queendom of Arnast under Atue Runtoyek in 903QE, one such alliance stand apart from the others. The Protectorate Grand Alliance, called just The Protectorate by anyone that values efficiency, stands unified against a threat they'd argue is greater than the Dying Queen of war and death.   When the Age of Six came crashing down in 2419QE, it was said to be felt in every corner and crag of Enos. The event, known as the Hollowing of Draxus, left a twenty-mile deep crater in the earth, and tore Atue Omelolth's city of Xia from reality. Parts of it now hang suspended above the bruised ground in the The Queen's Crater, tended to by the shadows left from the impact of the explosion. Countless planar rifts were torn open, filling the forsaken pit with innumerable foul creatures that are only further warped and fractured by the ambient energies of the area. Those foolhardy adventurers that return from the crater often return with strange artifice that works on long-lost scientific principles, but have souls as hollowed as the crater itself.   Within three years of this event, The Protectorate was founded. What was once a continent teeming with countries that fought fiercely with one another in competition to always have the upper hand changed almost overnight to a unified front that could stop the spread of corruption from the crater. The dragonborn Atue's death left a psychic scar on the people she left behind, but took nearly half the population with her within the decade that followed, as to many, the Dying Queen of life and dragons was the one thing holding them supernaturally fast to this world.
Seal of the Protectorate

Countries of The Protectorate

The Protectorate is made up of five countries, sometimes called provinces, each serving a primary purpose to the Grand Alliance, though each stubbornly maintains they could support themselves if needed.


Situated in the northwestern section of Draxus, Trist has historically been known as the leader of The Protectorate, mostly due to its station as the main supplier of equipment and bodies for the war effort. It provides critical shipments received from The Gravis Grand Alliance and, more rarely, The Arnastian Grand Alliance, mainly supporting with war equipment and a steady supply of soldiers. Its capital of Khatordham sits far-removed from the Queen's Crater, and is one of the busiest ports on Enos. It is ruled by the Roth family, whose current patriarch, Renard, has recently entered his sixtieth year.


Alth sits in the northeast of Draxus, and its populace is the most relaxed of all those on the continent. While their exchanges with their trading partners inThe Fraisian Grand Alliance support the war effort with food and military training, they lack the draconian laws the rest of the countries have to keep their populace focused on the war effort. While they are often derided as a result of this lax attitude, their trading partners in The Bestian Grand Alliance send along exotic spices and amenities that always seem to boost morale among the other countries just enough to keep Alth out of political hot water. The country is ruled by a trader's organization known as The Conglomerate,, and is helmed by Her Gilded Official Demetria Silverscale.


Situated in the colder southwest of Draxus, Dren is the smallest of the countries by far. Its chief contribution to the war effort is giving the other countries someone to rank below themselves, though Dren would say that its trade with the peoples of Indai through its port of Melda Sai is the better gift to focus on. The Seer's Stones are an example of the sort of trade provided by Indai, and were installed in the Age of Four along the border forts that surround the Crater. Networked together, they allow their users to peer through them and gaze deep into the hellscape, but also shield the mind of the stone's operator from anything that may look back. Dren's capital is Esoria, and is ran by a council of three known as The Tribunal of Tribulation, named after its founding members lost most of their southern city of Josiama to a shadar-kai raid, sacrificing it to save the rest of the country from any future invasion.


The southernmost country in Draxus, Lethis holds within its borders all of the fortresses outside The Bellum and Camp Solitude, known collectively as The Ensconcement. Like Dren, its population outside the fortresses is mainly drow, genasi, dragonborn, and shifters, and their culture is based on survival in harsh climates. If one were to believe the stereotype, the average Lethin has a wicked and morbid sense of humor, has drank nothing but hard liquor since they were three, and carries no fewer than three weapons on their person at all times. The average Lethin would tell you that they were drinking when born and carrying a three-weapon loadout is only for bedtime. Archmagus Xiatraxia leads their people from their capital of Tiaraec, and is the only known drow north of Indai to serve as the head of any government, much less a republic.


Situated at the center of the continent, Haad is host to Camp Solitude, which serves as the military heart of military operations, as well as the hundred-foot fortified wall known as The Bellum. It sports the highest military concentration as share of population anywhere on Enos, coming in at a staggering ninety-two percent, and is supported almost entirely by the other countries. Time slips by fast for a Haadite, as any slip in focus can mean the end of everything for them. The country is ran by the General's Council of the Solace of the Atue's Eternal Protectorate, which is ran by the six generals that run the military itself.

The Protectorate Solace

The Solace of the Atue's Eternal Protectorate, commonly styled the Protectorate Solace, is the military of the Grand Alliance itself. It is divided into two branches - the Bellum Solace, who provide containment directly around the Queen's Crater; and the Mortal Solace, who have the somber job of keeping plans for turning the entire island of Draxus into a containment zone should the former fail.   The leader of the Bellum Solace is General Zaya Sinscale, an electrum dragonborn whose world-weary but gritty realism has kept her branch running smoothly for the better part of the last two centuries. She often leads excursions into the wastes to keep abreast of information, and her use of the seven Seer's Stones installed at the surrounding fortresses provides exactly enough of a warning for the unfaltering leader to keep her troops just ahead of the next wave of horrors. While she is helped by the aid that pours in from overseas, her primary source of what she'd call 'useful help' comes from The Esper Front, as their battle-heartened men and women come special-made for such a task.   Lord Overmost Halmarch Pridian runs the Mortal Solace from Khatordham, where the Ion-born water genasi also serves as chief military advisor to King Renard Roth II.
Bellum Solace Rank Abbreviation Mortal Solace Rank Abbreviation
Private PRI Junior Air/Seaman JSE
Second Lieutenant SEL Air/Seaman SEA
First Lieutenant FIL Leading Air/Seaman LSE
Lance Corporal LAC Petty Officer POF
Master Lance Corporal MLC Officer OFF
Captain CPT Lieutenant Commander LCM
Major MAJ Commander CMD
Lieutenant Colonel LCO Senior Commander SCO
Colonel COL Vice Commodore VCO
Brigadier BGE Commodore COM
Major General MGE Vice Admiral VAD
General GEN Admiral ADM