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The Mortalic Plane

A place of twisting entropy, annihilating winds blow across the barren landscapes of the Mortalic Plane. To call it inhospitable to life is an understatement - this plane is anathema to life. Any who set foot in its borders will find no air to breathe, and will blow away to dust within moments. Only creatures of unlife may inhabit this place, and even they find themselves prey to larger and more horrific creatures that call this plane home.  

The Twisted Heart of a Star

Planar cosmologists differ in their tellings, but most of them agree that the plane itself has only one permanent portal on The Prime Material. The Dark Star of Mortalis which sits at the base of the world is said to draw any that venture too close to this plane. It is said to be a one-way portal, but it is possible that given the right protection, returning would be something feasible. The right protection has never been found, as all mages that have attempted to traverse the plane have never returned.  

The Entropic Birthing

In a perversion of all that is good and just about the laws of nature, the plane is capable of producing all manner of lamentable and gruesome horrors. By editing, eroding, and selectively warping the souls of those carried on its deleterious winds, it is believed to be capable of creation through sheer chance in a process known as entropic birthing. This is not creation in any real sense, but rather a product of reality itself reeling at the horror of this plane, and attempting to correct itself. The result of this has given us beings such as the ascended vampire, entropic culler, and nightwalker, among others.  

The Body of a God

The Mortalic Plane is thought to literally be held inside Mortalis, the Prime god of Entropy. As the god is a Prime, it is known to be entirely uncaring of anything and everyone, so it is doubtful that it is even aware of what goes on inside it. Nevertheless, those fools that wish closeness with this Twin would find their last moments wracked with agony upon their visit. It is not known if communing with Mortalis is possible from within the plane, as few creatures would be able to do so.