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The Everwind Fields

The rolling hills and golden-green grain of this The Everwind Fields are legendary. They cascade freely, flowing like water off the edges of cliffs, only to bend back under and continue. Though it looks dangerous to a newcomer, a traveler quickly finds that their feet are always pulled toward the ground, no matter the dizzying orientation.   The sky here is a crisp blue, which is quite the sight for travelers from Enos who are accustomed to the golden hues, and the air is always fresh. The occasional alehouse dots the landscape, owed mostly to the inhabitation of Esters, but most of the permanent residents of this plane are highly nomadic, favoring the freedom to roam that is encouraged by Celestine and the many followers that seek entry to Manumission, the Created's home that seems as free to move about as those that seek its hallowed walls.   The only real dangers of The Everwind fields are the danger of not wanting to leave its stunning landscapes and the danger of the natural portals to Pandemonium (Plane) and The Abyssal Pits. While the occasional creature does spew forth from such a portal, they are quickly dispatched by the plane itself, which folds upon them and entombs them as fertilizer for its fields. Nevertheless, the careless planar traveler may find themselves ensnared by such a portal, rare though they may be, so it is always best to be on the lookout.