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The Colleges of Arginwood

The city is divided into eight wards, each themed after its central tower. The outer seven wards all form around a central ward based around divination. The city is led by the Argincourt, a meeting of Farisia‚Äôs most brilliant magical minds, each steeped in one particular school of magic.   The shape of the wards changes constantly, making travel impossible for those not bearing a citymark, which is a jet-black slate shard imbued with special magics. Even with the mark, buildings and streets can swap places within a ward, and doors that lead to potion shops can become doors to bathhouses as soon as one leaves. The mark allows some knowledge of how to traverse but makes maps impossible.   The city is a giant academy, divided into cabals. Each has a color and a theme. A stained-glass dome raises from 200-foot tall curved walls, and each of its seven sections are themed richly based on the ward below. They meet at the top of the 444-foot tall Hall of Whispers (a black white-gold tower.)  

Ward Layout

The wards of the college are fixed in place, even if their interiors seem to shift overnight. The Divination Ward is in the center. Starting at 12 o'clock on a clock and proceeding clockwise, there are the Wards of Abjuration, Enchantment, Illusion, Evocation, Necromancy, Transmutation, and Conjuration. In general, wards are allied most closely with those nearest them, and least allied with those furthest away.  

The Argincourt

The members of the eight-person Argincourt are wizards and scholars with incredible power and influence. Each of them have a different role to play, and each resides in a tower within their own ward. For simplicity's sake, a table is presented here to aid the would-be mage with the details.  
Leader Tower's Name Ward's Name Cabal of... School Color
Lianthus Alu'thar Ballast's Shield Shieldward Shields Abjuration Navy
The Lady of Soot Nexus of Gates Gateward Soot Conjuration Grey
Myr'ei the Younger Hall of Whispers Whisperward Whispers Divination Teal
Meri Glimmerhand Tower of Song Songward Songs Enchantment Pink
Koda Kha Pillar of Flame Flameward Embers Evocation Red
Selimir Spire of Lights Lightward Light Illusion Purple
Vacant House of Bones Boneward Bones Necromancy Green
Elrend Moor Shaper's Rise Shaperward Shapers Transmuation Yellow

Outer Arginwood

While the Colleges of Arginwood are the mainstay of Arginwood, there is an entire port city to the west and northwest of the college along the coast. While the use of magic is slightly more prevalent in this city relative to the average city in Enos, there are plenty of locals in the area that do not practice magic (and some that actively hate it.)