Sevre Va

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The Scourge CE Whip Corruption

The Church of Severe Va

The churning, hateful being known as Sevre Va (pronounced su-vray vah) is the absolute embodiment of corruption at its highest and most base form. They seek the perversion of anything pure, wholesome, or good, and delight in the fall and failings of those pious folk that preach such lofty ideals as honor.   The Scourge is often shown with a lecherous gaze and powerful form dressed in the local culture's clothing, performing whatever action is most associated with corruption. It is for this reason they are often depicted as a banker, lawyer, or politician. Of the other Created, they directly oppose Xelin and the The Fury's church, taking great pleasure in tempting and toying with its followers.   The clergy and devout of Sevre Va generally prefer not to meet anyone, especially Xelinlites, in direct conflict. Instead, they prefer the slow and subtle art of methodical, insidious corruption. Their schemes can take centuries, with one group of Sevreians passing the metaphorical sickening baton to the next group, ensuring the proliferation of corruption in their god's unholy name.  

Worship and Hierarchy

Churches to The Scourge exist in hidden places and the back rooms of the powerful, often by people masquerading as something far more devout and holy.   Members of the church strive to embody every form of corruption. Historians have closely tied many prominent figures of the church to entropic decay, showing how the gradual influence of the Sevreian devout picks apart civilization.   The church has no real hierarchy, as any attempt to form one has always resulted in its immediate dissolution for lack of efficacy. Those truly devout seek even to corrupt the church itself, constantly changing its goals and aims, and outing one another as members is common as a result, much to the benefit of society.   Certain powerful members of the church are thought to share correspondence in the form of Midnight Letters, named both for the color and clandestine method in which they are exchanged. These letters outline blueprints and strategies for grand plans with expansive aims and subtle intricacies, and are the basis for calling a complex plan either a "midnight scheme" or "Sevreian."  


Gilded Harvest. While it does not originate with the church of The Scourge, Septa 1 is the standard first day of tax season across Enos.  

Traditional Dress

There is no traditional dress for Sevreians, but they are often found in their fineries and trappings of the offices and high places they have tread upon others to reach.  


Intellect Breeds Superiority. Often associated with the Centurion Senator Rolant Mark Undertow from the Age of Four, this saying was the rallying call of a eugenicist movement widely considered one of the darkest periods of Enosian politics.

The Scourge