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The whirling winds of Pandemonium pervade all genres of Enosian literature. So well-known is their ability to strip sanity, life, and soul that a common phrase to say one is feeling worn-down is to say they are "wind-stripped." These winds, which can vary from a haunting breeze to a sandstorm capable of shredding flesh, cover every non-sheltered space on the chaotic, ever-shifting plane.  

The Nature of the Plane

Much speculation exists as to the nature of this arid desert place. Its red sands are said to be either the product of blood spilled in ancient and countless wars or micro-crystals smaller than even magic-aided eyes can see. The all-pervading dim light that covers the surface of the plane does not seem to have a source at times, and at others seems to collect itself at a single space above the constant cover of Pandemonium's lightning-spattered purple sky. Its temperatures vary wildly, with extreme microclimates of frigid air sitting directly next to pockets of scalding heat. As such, the weather on the plane is always changing and extremely dangerous.  

Planar Inhabitants

The inhabitants of the plane are wildly varied, ranging from the theoretical, possibly-extinct humanoid race known as the Gith to formless clouds of malicious thought. Underground in the vast, interconnected, and highly-morphic cave system known as the dra shournash (Primordial for "Deep Wasteland"), the dangers are even greater. While the winds that cover the surface are kept at bay here, these caves are said to have a mind of their own, twisting and warping to trap any foolish enough to brave them. Even if an expert navigator were to find their way about the dra shournash, they would be faced with the remains of dead gods, primordial half-formed titans, and other dangers worthy of myth.   No known society or city is known to exist on the plane, and no maps of its surface exist, as the ground shifts and changes hour-by-hour. Several focal points have been mapped by intrepid planar explorers through the year that seem immutable and immovable, with a few having permanent gates installed. Occasional natural portals to The Everwind Fields and The Abyssal Pits can be found (as all three planes share space on the Ring of Chaos), with the former often in the dra shournash, and the latter suddenly forming as yawning graves under the surface, swallowing those souls whole to a horrid fate.  

The Gith

Among academics, speculation exists as to whether any form of humanoid society has ever existed on the plane, with most scholars agreeing that the Gith would be the most likely. In light of the fact that no Gith has been seen or spoken to directly by any known mortal since the early Queen's Era, there is little evidence in either direction. No ruins have been found on the plane, no trace of glyph or rune or writing has been found below ground, and no manufactured implement of a speculated advanced race has been located in the many thousands of years in which exploration of the plane has been ongoing.