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Overview of the Ring Cosmology

Among the inner planes that make up the cosmology, there are three rings. Each of the three rings has its law-aligned plane sitting squarely in the center, its chaos-aligned plane on the outermost orbit, and its neutral plane in between. Think of these as planets with two orbiting moons, one moon more distant than the others, except they're not planets and moons, they're planes. No one said cosmology made sense.  
Alignment Law Neutral Chaos
Good The Heavens The Bright The Everwind Fields
Neutral Dictum Enos Pandemonium
Evil The Hells The Grey The Abyssal Pits
Ring: Ring of Law Ring of Colors Ring of Chaos

Ring of Law

The Ring of Law has The Heavens at its center, an endless city with three infinite tiers. Dictum, the endless city of absolute order with its six infinite districts orbits The Heavens, and The Hells, an endless city with nine infinite wards orbits further out still.  

Ring of Colors

The Ring of Colors has The Bright (also known as Feywild) at its center, a paradise-esque reflection of Enos. The Prime Material plane, known as Enos, sits at its center, with The Grey (also known as the Shadowfell) serving as a corrupted reflection of Enos orbiting further out still.  

Ring of Chaos

The Ring of Chaos has The Everwind Fields at its center, an ever-changing paradise of various interpretations of freedom. Further out is Pandemonium, a plane of pure chaos where winds whip away meaning and sanity, and the ground shifts radically between biomes, seemingly at random. The Abyssal Pits, an ever-churning morass of unthinking evil orbits furthest out.  

Ring of Elements

Surrounding the rings is The Ring of Elements. It contains the subplanes of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth, and constantly rotates, giving all the planes their equal seasons. Fire brings summer, Earth brings fall, Water brings winter, and Air brings spring.  

Transitive Planes

The Ethereal Plane lies on top of each plane, a ghostly reflection, and serves as the transitive plane between the three rings which sit inside The Ring of Elements. The Astral Sea is a transitive plane of silvery colors and dreams and possibility connecting The Ring of Elements to the Animatic and Mortalic Planes. The Mortalic Plane, a place of absolute destruction, is a void from which nothing can return, and The Animatic Plane is a place of pure creation from which nothing can return. Outside of the orbit of these two planes lies the final transitive plane, The Unmaking Never, a place where not even the gods can tread.  

Cosmological Chromacism

As any archmage or their understudy that has looked into shifting between planes knows that a tuning fork is needed. Each rod is to be made of a particular material with a particular tone. Of the twelve basic planes, each of the commonplace semitones has an assignment. Listed below are the planes, semitones, and materials needed to make each fork:  
Plane Semitone Material
The Grey C♭ Silver
Enos C Electrum
The Bright C# Gold
The Primordial Plane D Glass
The Hells E♭ Cold Iron
Dictum E Steel
The Heavens E# Porcelain
The Abyssal Pits G♭ Hollow Bone
Pandemonium G Adamantine
The Everwind Fields G# Mithril
The Astral Sea A Dragonsteel
The Ethereal Plane B♭ Moonstone


Demiplanes sit within The Unmaking Never as pockets of reality made manifest. Accessing them via magic using tuning forks is possible, provided the planar luthier works inside the space to craft the rod. These tones sit between the semitones, and the tuning forks are often made from exotic composites. Even the slightest bit of error on the planar luthier's part would result in the spellcaster being banished to The Unmaking Never, regardless of if they were the target of the magic or not.