Overview of the Created Deities

The Created are the nine beings formed during the Ritual of Unmaking that sealed away the Apotheotheticals, though the histories and tellings are unclear. Each of these gods own exactly one portfolio, as their existence is dedicated to this core ideal. They are best described as the exemplars of the different spokes of morality, each taking their place on the great wheel that serves as guide for mortality's heart. Eight serve in antithesis roles with one another: Xelin opposes Sevre Va, Deku opposes Saveus, Celestine opposes Jilkathstirei, and Dictum opposes Pandemonium. Enos serves as arbiter, guiding the great wheel ever onward. The Created cannot have their godhood subsumed or taken, and each have their own plane of existence.  

Index of Created

Name Alignment Portfolio Divine Realm
Celestine CG Freedom Manumission
Deku NG Hope Providence
Dictum LN Law Axiomatis
Enos N Nature Glittering Garden
Jilkathstirei LE Tyranny Lared
Pandemonium CN Chaos Apocolypse
Saveus NE Despair Virulence
Sevre Va CE Corruption Descent
Xelin LG Honor Fury's Sound

On The Created's Creation

It is hotly debated when exactly the Created came into existence. The Creation story tells they were made during the Ritual of Unmaking, but many other records exist of these gods before the ritual. It is one of two possibilities, either they existed before, or they were needed before.   Possibility I   If they existed before, then The Creation tale as told is false. While there are several reasons that academics, even among Our Lord's clergy, could disbelieve The Creation tale, this is one of the holes most glaring. If this possibility is true, then there is a lot else to be doubted.   Possibility II   It is possible that they were first created by the need of the people before the Prime Beings gave life to them. The need for a god of Hope in Deku was great, for example. The need for Saveus would have been small, as few wished the level of misery the tales speak of, but still yet the amount of corruption held by the Apotheotheticals was so great it could have willed him into existence before the Prime Beings granted it a form.