Overview of the Ascended Deities

The Telling of the Godspark

Myr'ei the Elder, perhaps the most well-known storyteller in all of Enosian history, tells the story of the apotheosis of the Ascended gods, first speaking of the nature of a godspark. While debate still rages on about their true capabilities, it is agreed that there can only be so many of these active at a time, and that they came from the essence of the Apotheotheticals.  
And so it was in those early days following the binding of the Dragon Kings that their Power was spread throughout the lands. They were of this world, then, as surely as air, and their malice floated like motes of light on the winds. Each of these nine-and-one SPARKS sought after a different Champion, and each Champion sought for their SPARK in kind, though they did not always know it was so.
  She then goes on to speak of the Timeline of the Ascended, which we have listed in the appendix for the reader's convenience. She spoke of each of their deeds in chronological order, though she does leave out that those mortals that eventually ascended were most likely just in the right place at the right time. It was the strength of their actions, not the deeds themselves, that propelled them to godhood.  
So then then Champions healed and died and were consumed. They brought forth the sun and slew the names of gods. They moved west-east to the Is Not, raised the land to sing, and gambled with fate. They betrayed one another with the Macabre Sideways Dance and wrote the Song that Rends The Heavens. They Spun Eternal and wrestled the mud to red. They swam in the Sanguine River and crushed those who did. They wrote-out Races and spun a Weave unto their own.
  The Elder then finishes her tale by explaining that the Ascended still each have their bodies behind on the Prime Material plane, and that anyone that were to destroy them could gain godhood themselves. The last thing she tells us is that their homes were made for them in the outer planes.  
For each of these, their bodies stayed behind as Mortal Anchors, still present on this Plane, forever tying them to it, yet away. They would number eighteen-and-one, for it was not known what Fate was. To each was given a spark according to their nature, for not all those that were Terror Above were Terror Below. And so they gradually filled their Chambers Above and Seats Below and Councils In-Between, and the world spun ever-onwards. - Myr'ei the Elder
  The takeaways are these: the Ascended are replaceable, limited in number, and were once mortal.

Index of Ascended

Name Alignment Portfolios
Apothus LE Dragons, Monsters, Nightmares
Ballast LG Adventurers, Healing, Protection
Caidence NE Assassins, Opportunity, Strategy
Esters CG Brawling, Drinking, Night
Gehelya N Death, Luck, Redemption
Pythas NG Art, Creativity, Risk
The Red King CE Bloodlust, Cruelty, War
Tomir LN Fate, Magic, Smithing
Vorocit N Knowledge, Wisdom, Forbidden Lore
Voyage CN The Open Seas, Romance, Traveling