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The ecumenopolis of Dictum is, by its very definition, the largest city in all of creation, and is thought to be infinite in scope. Created all at once at the dawning of the Age of Six when the eponymous Created was birthed, this plane is ordered and maintained by the axiomites - a mechinite race of servitor beings, each dedicated to a single directive. These creatures cohabitate with the rich tapestry of planar visitors Dictum receives each day, which all culminates in a city of grand design and wild ambitions.  

Dictum, the Cityheart

Like all districts in Dictum, the center of the city is also known as Dictum. Scholars speculate that the axiomatic naming conciousness (also known as Dictum) saw no need in differentiating the names of things, but have named the center the Cityheart to help those travelers that are not made entirely of mathematica find their way around.   The Cityheart is easily the most populated and diverse district in the city, and is home to the majority of the rich markets, banks, museums, and other attractions the city has to offer. All of the plane's permanent gates to other planes are located within the Heart Nexus (also called Dictum by the natives, as is everything). These gates allow travel to all other habitable planes within and including The Ring of Elements, and bring trade and cultures from all over.  

The Code and Council

The axiomites known as Law watch over this place, and those that run afoul of The Code, as Dictum's lawbooks are known, quickly find themselves brought before The Dictum Council (also known as Dictum) where they are judged by a tribunal of judges known as the Dictum Court (though there are far more than one of these). Judges on these courts are angels, devils, axiomites, and planar travelers who have studied and passed the exams needed to enforce justice. Those that are found guilty are often expelled to their home plane, and more rarely locked away to starve to death.  

Dictum, the Outskirts

Outside of the Cityheart, one can find the city continues with its high-rise constructions, but there are less people to inhabit them. In these Outskirts, as scholars call them (locals call this area Dictum), one can find an easier lifestyle that is still kept in check by axiomite patrols. Crime is actually possible here, but it tends to be the sort of low-stakes crime that is easy to get away with. A traveler will find no black markets in the Outskirts, but may be able to find people that can help them past the Axiomatic Wall, which is a wall made of mathematica - a field of law and perfect geometry that prevents unauthorized persons from exiting.  

Dictum, the Future Expanse

Everything outside the mathematica that forms the Axiomatic Wall is known as the Future Expanse (and of course known as Dictum to the locals). While the wall is constantly expanding as more people migrate to Dictum, it still has its limits. Since Dictum (the plane) is an infinite city, all of its structures have already been created, and the plane itself maintains them. Thus, an infinite jungle of cityscape awaits those that make their way outside the bounds so set. Here there are no axomatic patrols, and the concept of law has not yet found its way to the winding streets and pre-furnished houses, apartments, and shops. Crime lords from the mundane planar traveler to long-banished archdevils make their residence here, fighting over the turf close to the wall. Others have chosen to explore the infinite, migrating thousands of miles away to live a life of solitude in an infinite city that provides all they need to live a life of perfect solace.

Expanse Control

The infinite expanse of cityscape outside the Axiomatic Wall is populated by exactly zero axiomites, yet its storefronts are eternally stocked as though it were a bustling city. So hyper-specific are these stores (known as nodes to scholars) that every 200-1000 city blocks there may be a store that sells specifically bread (and only flatbread or rye bread at that). Such nodes "sell" these goods for free, as there is no one present to account for them, and control of the most valuable of these nodes fuels most of the wars that rage outside the wall.   While logic would dictate that people could simply move further out into the expanse to find what they need, the space next to the wall itself is the most valuable, as smuggling goods back into the city and through its gates can be enormously lucrative for the extreme minority of creatures capable of doing so. Space in Dictum is infinite, yes, but there is only so much space around the circumference of the wall, and that space is some of the most bloody in all the planes.