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The Shattered N N/A Time
Time is and was, will be no more, so count until the bells of lore
ring out an ending to our place in scarlet black intoned embrace.  
  • Orieth the Wise, Glistening Tones
  • The Church of Cronos

    Cronos is unique among all the gods in that it is the only one said to have died. According to scholars, it either died at the beginning of time or never existed at all. Both groups agree that a god of time should logically have existed at some point, and both know the name is an invention of scholars from the Age of Kings. Regardless of which is correct, the church has the smallest congregation of any church across the planes, and is entirely unknown to most outside academic and cult circles.  

    Worship and Hierarchy

    Those few that venerate The Shattered knows that it grants no blessings. Some may find solace in the guarantee of the passing of time, while others may link time to the entropy of Mortalis. Others may see time through the lens of law, reveling in its order, while others still may see the god through the chaos inherent in its fractal forms.   Cults exist to Cronos, but they are so few, far between, and deeply reclusive that little information exists on them. The only record of one existing was exterminated by paladins of Xelin in the Age of Four, and even it was so small as to only be a footnote in a single journal entry of the leader of that expedition.


    In a manner of speaking, all holidays mark time, so all holidays celebrate Cronos. While The Cronological Calendar itself is named for The Shattered (and is not a misspelling, as is sometimes thought), the god has no holidays celebrating it.

    The Shattered

    I believe it important to state that so little is known of this god that not even the clergy of Vorocit can fill a single bookshelf with unique texts on the subject. It is altogether fitting that there exists more literature on why such a god never existed. Yet the absence of such a god would be a god itself, a maddening paradox that leaves me at once excited and abhorred
  • J. Pierson, author of It Only Gets Faster from Here