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The Druzhina

A Fellowship

Villages are ruled by Chieftains, or Knyaz, and those Chieftains, as well as other positions of power, have a Druizhina, or a Fellowship.
A Druizhina is a group or retinue of a Chieftain, Lord, Lady, Bishop, or Knight. But a Druzhina has also been used to refer to a band of adventurers.

Political Power

Druzhinas in the political sense do carry some political weight, they help administer the Chieftains/Lord/Lady/Prince's principality and lordship as well as constitute of their leader's military leadership. A member of a political Druzhina generally carries weight both inside and outside of the courts, their words are not considered law but are heavily regarded and often times cherished by their leader.    


Adventuring parties are really only given the title Druzhina as a show of gratitude from someone in a position of political power. They don't carry any weight politically, but are regarded as higher members of society once given this title. Its not uncommon for adventurers to also be given titles of Vityaz, or Knight, in cases of great service to lordships and principalities.  
Social, Group

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