Long ago, the planet Earth was a thriving world filled with wonderous inventions, music, and cultures. And
long ago, the planet Earth stood still.

The apocalypse; the end of life as we knew it. Millennia of human history was all but entirely wiped out in the matter of a few days. But humanity does not give up so easily. After the destruction of all that was known, the survivors of Armageddon emerged. What little knowledge they had of the Old World was twisted and warped by generations of oral history, and as new civilizations were born from the ashes of the Earth's past, so too, were new religions, cultures and ultimate "truths" about what life was like before the end.

The world was shattered. Continents had broken apart and reformed into new lands. Though not all hope was lost.
With the advent of the apocalypse came a new resource; one not yet exhausted by humanity, hidden deep within the Earth for eons. Magic.

Magical Crystals from within the planet's core had been unearthed. Though rare and volatile, a single crystal could shape the world around it, and anyone who could get their hands on a crystal could change their lives forever.
The new world would transform into something entirely different than what had come before.

The crystal charms were spread across the world during the apocalypse, free for any wild animal or wandering survivor to stumble upon. The crystals' unbridled power warped the DNA of all those who came in prolonged contact with them, changing them in spectacular ways. In the following generations after the end, the races of man and beast mutated into new species. Mutants, going by the self-applied names of Elves, Dwarves, Dragons, and Orcs soon populated the land and sea, alongside a plethora of other fantastic creatures.

The world of the post-apocalypse was given a new name by its inhabitants: Ennya; a realm divided between the relative safety of magically wrought civilizations, called Havens, and the wild and unkempt vastness of the shattered world, The Broken Expanse.

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If you travel through the Rocky Mountains, you're bound to have encountered these dark, shrouded mountain men in some shape or form. The Goths exist as a series of tribes that are nestled among the Rocky Mountains, from Gondel to Monterra.

The Goths are mostly comprised of Mutants, primarily Trow, who are thought to have first mutated from Mountain Elves in these very mountains. The Trow population is followed by Dwarves, Moon Orcs, and then finally Pure-Blooded Humans. This means the tribes work 24/7, with Trow and Moon Orcs working at night while the other races work during the day. This has allowed the Goths to expand across the entire mountain range, all 3,000 miles.

In my time with the Goths, I was unable to visit and spend time with every tribe along the Rockies, though, many estimates place their total numbers to be around 210 individual tribes. I did, however, visit the Gothic homeland of Zias Mira. There, I was able to learn many things about these wonderous, yet mysterious people.

I learned of their faith, Ars Zatha, or as its better known to outsiders, Gotholicism. Zias Mira is one of the three holy cities in the faith, followed by Grand Francisco and Salem. I was told that an ancient hero, Ban'Vazarach, or "The Savior" in English, traveled between the Three Cities, on his crusade against evil, launching the first ever Black Parade, and becoming the first Ars Kozak, or "Mountain King".

The Ars Kozak is the ultimate authority on the Rocky Mountains, all tribes answer to him. He sits on the skull throne inside of Zias Mira, where his law is carried out by the Zath Gohachis, High Ranking priests who weigh his rule against the teachings of the faith, before deciding to issue out his orders. The orders are then given to the Shadow Hands, Zatha Mahyiagkis, leaders of the 200 tribes, both in physicality and in spirit.

The most surprising thing I learned in my time with the Goths was just how peaceful and welcoming they were at home. To most living in Calera and The Great North, the Goths are a common problem, with raiding and constant tolls along The Crossings; however, I soon came to learn that only a few tribes actually partake in the raids that the people are commonly known for. The vast majority of Goths keep to themselves, surviving (and flourishing) off of the mountains many resources, such as Iron and Pentafrost.

At the end of my expedition, I traveled further than even most Goths would dare, and braved into the smoldering decay that is the Black Wastes. It was there I met with the most peculiar of Goth Tribes, the Eiza Gothis. The Eiza tribe is known to only speak with outside who bring them offerings, I came bearing gifts of gas masks, as the Eiza live so deep into the Black Wastes, that the very air burns your lungs. The Eiza live inside of the ruins of an old-world city, built upon the mountain. There, they scavenge old-world equipment and hunt down irradiated beasts for sustenance. Generations of this lifestyle have changed the Eiza into something entirely different. Many have grown extra limbs, or eyes, some Eiza can even breathe the polluted air with no adverse effects. But one thing that they all share, is the incredible ability to lift objects using only their mind! Most of them can lift any small, lightweight object between 10 and 15 feet, but with practice, and repeated baths in what they call "Voiyzhanek" or "Magic Water" they can increase the range even further! They showed me an old man in their village who could lift an entire boulder, unaided by charms, for 20 feet! This incredible power serves as only further proof, that further research into the mysterious effects of exposure to Hexogen must be explored for the betterment of mankind!

  • Lucan Galonodel


Ars Kozak, The Mountain King, ultimate ruler. Zath Gohachis, Black Priests, highly regarded across the entire mountain range. Zatha Mahyiagkis, Shadow Hands, leaders of individual tribes.

Demography and Population

The Rocky Mountains (A'arsa) Pop. ~39,600

Geopolitical, Tribe
Alternative names
The Neo-Goths, Gothica
Related ethnicities

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14 Mar, 2018 23:04

I really enjoyed this. I can practically see Lucan writing this down in a journal as he reflects on his travels. Part of me wants to see you elaborate more on the particular tribes, going into detail, but I'm worried doing that may break the scholarly reflective feel that it currently has. If you did some CSS to format your page to look like paper on a desk, this article could give total immersion.