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2nd of Florus, 875 PA

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Before the End, the world had reached an all-time high in science. Technology had become indiscernible from the stuff of magic. And when the world collapsed, the inhabitants of the new world could only describe it as such.   Now, 1000 years since the world was rocked back into a stone age, a new society has replaced the old. Castles spring from the ruins of skyscrapers, and sorcerers descend from genetically augmented ancestors.   The planet has become a haven for extra-terrestrial life, looking to settle on now fertile lands, their cultures growing and adapting to our world. Humans have come to call them by the familiar names of elves, orcs, dragons and the like.   A new dawn shines upon a rebuilt planet, now lush with fantastic creatures and mythical beings from beyond the stars, as the Great Blue Marble is given one last chance.   Welcome to Ennya


Hunt for the Lost Rift

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DnD5E)

Officers of the Noviri Navy scour the seas for clues on the mythical Lost Rift



  • Central Tyrea

    The central island of Tyria.

  • The Great North

    The northern-most section of Kalera, filled with Tundras, Alpines, and Snow-capped mountains

  • Lands of the Glass Sea