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The Highway Poet

The Highway Poet is the probably most notorious Highwayman of Rameria - at least of this generation. He got his peculiar nickname through the fact that he is known to recite poems to his victims in 'exchange' for their belongings. Despite this rather childish behaviour, his hits are well-planned and executed, displaying that while he might be a substandard poet, he is certainly a top rate highwayman.

Modus Operandi

The Poet targets almost exclusively carriages of noblemen and merchant lords in the Southern Provinces of Grand Vailia. While he likes to style himself as a protector of the poor and downtrodden in his self-praising poems, it is ultimately just practicality: robbing travelling peasants won't net him all that much money, and assaulting priests can oftentimes backfire quite dramatically.
He politely asks his victims to 'donate' their valuables to him in exchange for a once in a lifetime performance from the Highway Poet, and if they agree they only have to suffer through an assault on their ears, not their lives. He has shown to not be afraid of using the blades he carries to depose of any guards, should they refuse his 'trade offer', however.

The Hunt for the Highwayman

While he doesn't pose any extraordinary danger to Grand Vailia - at least when compared to other bandits and the like - he has grown popular among the peasants and even some of the nobility who romanticise him, thereby undermining the nation's stability. In a bid to play him down, the local law enforcement - or more accurately, the merchant duke in charge of local law enforcement - refuses to involve the in his capture.
However, the hunt for him has gone very poorly up to now: locals are unwilling to sell him out, even if they have seen something, and he never falls for set-ups, suggesting that he has insider information.

The Highway Poet


Real Name
Vailian Human

Highwayman and 'Poet'
Time Period

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