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An Utgardan is a gruesome mix between an orc and an oversized animal that cannot be identified as any particular kind. They are extremely hostile and dwell in small tribes or roaming bands in secluded areas away from their mortal enemies, men.

Basic Information

Dietary Needs and Habits

Utgardans can easily survive with very little food for as with camels they store up a large quantity of fat within themselves and feed off of it slowly. In this way they can travel nearly without ceasing for several days before having to eat again.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Utgardans have high cheeckbones and a strange bony look to their faces. More then this can be rarely seen as they are often so dirty and disheveled that they look more like bloody bears then Utgardans.

Average Intelligence

Utgardans are not usually very bright but some who are above average in their intelligence are either revered and appointed as shamans or beaten down and killed or driven out over time.
50 years
Average Height
6-7 ft
Average Weight
200-350 lbs

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