Sieur Adrien Nolane


A character of Book 1: Rituals of Blood and Power. His family has served the House of Alyssenne for generations and he is now Lady Annabelle Alyssenne's most important advisor. He also mentored Annabelle and taught her what she needs to know as the lady of the Estate.  

General informations

Prononciation: Adrien Nolane

House: Nolane, vassal of Lady Annabelle Alyssenne

Position: Head of the House

Job: Advisor to Lady Annabelle Alyssenne

Politics: Light

Line-gift: Unknown

Power level: Low nobility

Living Place: Estate of Alyssenne

Age: Old, his face is lined

Skin: Pale skin of the Southerners

Eyes: Light blue

Hair: Long, grey hair framing his face

Appearance: He looks like a frail, old man, but stands straight and firm and does not let himself be intimidated.

Table of Contents


Cover image: Map of the Empire of the Covenant by AmélieIS with Wonderdraft
Character Portrait image: Sieur Adrien Nolane by AmélieIS with Artbreeder


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