Lord Rénice Lyrienne


Mentioned in Book 1: Rituals of Blood and Power. He was the lord of the Estate of Lyrienne, one of the two oldest and biggest Estates in the empire. He was not well regarded and was the main reason for the erosion of the old alliance between House Lyrienne and House Alyssenne.   He was murdered at a relatively young age, before his son, Lord Véridice Lyrienne, was old enough to succeed him as Lord of House Lyrienne. The Estate was broken up after his death and his son taken to an orphanage in the Estate of Arianie.  

General informations

Prononciation: Rénice Lyrienne

Status: Dead

House: Lyrienne

Position: Previous Lord

Job: Unknown

Politics: Dark

Line-gift: Weather magic

Secondary line-gift: Magic sensitivity

Power level: High nobility

Living Place: Estate of Lyrienne

Age: Unknown

Skin: Light skin of the Southerners

Eyes: Unknown

Hair: Unknown  


His son is Lord Véridice Lyrienne.  

Table of Contents

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