Lord-Consul Xénophène Ylucianie


A character in Book 1: Rituals of Blood and Power. He is the leader of the Light faction despite only being the lord of a small Light Estate in the North of the empire, the Estate of Ylucianie. He has an extremely high level of magical power and this is what allowed him to take control of the faction after the death of the last leader, Lord Justinien Alyssenne.   Now that the new Lady Alyssenne, Lady Annabelle Alyssenne, has re-joined the senate, he does not intend to relinquish his control of the Light faction. He would prefer to use his position and experience to guide her into helping him and the rest of the Light Estates oppose the Dark faction and make the empire a better place.   He was bonded with Lady-Consort Ylucianie before she was murdered by his enemies. They had one daughter Heiress Ylucianie and he is very protective of her.  

General informations

Prononciation: Xénophène Ylucianie

House: Ylucianie

Position: Lord

Job: Leader of the Light political parti, Lord Consul of the Senate as elected by the lords and ladies

Politics: Light

Line-gift: Unknown

Power level: Extremely high

Age: Unknown but several centuries at the minimum

Skin: The darker skin of the Northerners


A short beard and long hair that are dark brown with no trace of grey despite his advanced age

General impression:
A strong leader, experienced but still open and friendly, majestic in his simplicity, demonstrating competence and modesty.  


He was bonded to Lady-Consort Ylucianie and they had one daughter, Heiress Ylucianie.  


Lord-Consul Xénophène Ylucianie

spouse (Vital)

Towards Lady-Consort Ylucianie



Lady-Consort Ylucianie

spouse (Vital)

Towards Lord-Consul Xénophène Ylucianie



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