House Drissenne

General information

Drissenne   Type
House   Status
Low nobility, lost control of their Estate several generations ago.   Politics
Light, one of the leaders of an independent Light faction   Political leader
Lord Drissenne   Colour
Brown   Crest
Four brown trees  


  Live in the Estate of Arianie. Their lost Estate was located in the North of the Empire.  

List of characters from the Drissenne House

  Member of the House of Drissenne: Heir Clarence Drissenne.

Table of Contents


Map of the Empire of the Covenant
The Empire of the Covenant is a millennia-old federal empire spread over a whole continent and gathering around 600 independent Estates. Those are ruled by powerful mages, lords and ladies who are the Heads of their Houses and who are linked to the ancestral magic of their Lands. Estates are divided by their affilitation with the Light or Dark political factions.   See Geography, Climate and Demography of the Empire and Political Organisation of the Empire.

Diplomatic relations

Tense relations

Tense relations

Cover image: Map of the Empire of the Covenant by AmélieIS with Wonderdraft
Character flag image: The emblem of House Drissenne, four brown trees by AmélieIs, modified from an image from Unsplash


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