Heiress Madeleine Veinianie


A character in Book 1: Rituals of Blood and Power. The first daughter and heiress of Lady Veinianie, the lady of a minor Dark Estate located in the North of the empire. House Veinianie has some renown for the quality of the silk they create with their line-gift.

Madeleine is ambitious and proactive, and she has chosen to participate in Lady Annabelle Alyssenne's Courtship despite the minor status of House Veinianie and the elevated one of House Alyssenne.  

General informations

Prononciation: Madeleine Veinianie

House: Veinianie

Position: Heiress

Job: Work for her family's silk manufacture

Politics: Dark

Weaving, embroideries

Power level: High nobility

Living Place: Estate of Veinianie

Age: 32

Skin: Darker skin of the Northerners

Eyes: Striking green eyes

Hair: Short, honey curls



Her mothers are Lady Veinianie and Lady-Consort Veinianie and her sister is Honourable Astride Veinianie.  

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