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Essence manifestations

Shadow Hand

you’re able to summon an a invisible hand that function the same as a mage hand however for the purposes of unarmed attacks are considered natural weapons (medium claw) that increase to large at level 14. Additionally the number of hands that can be summoned increases by 1 at levels 7,12,16, and 20
Bulk carry amount by stage:
-Stage 1: Upto 3 Bulk
-Stage 2: Upto 6 bulk
-Stage 3: Upto 9 bulk
-Stage 4: Upto 12 bulk

Additionally you may choose to make the hands visible at anytime

unknown (2).png


Shadow Weapons (Basic)
Action cost: Free action
Effect: As a free action, you may shift the hands of “Shadow hand” into any form of weapon in turn allowing the hands to deal the respective damage type. Alongside this the hand gains the trait listed beside the damage type as down below, as well as that type of damages critical effect..

Note: any given shadow hand cannot be shifted more than once per turn.

Slashing: Sweep, Rend
Piercing: Backstabber, Deadly d8
Bludgeoning: Backswing, shove

Mimicking hands (Basic)
Action cost: 1 Action
Effect: Channeling your focus you are able to make any number of your shadow hands mimic the properties of non-exotic metals and crafting materials in order to overcome resistances. These imitations however do not grant any of the unique properties or abilities of the given materials.
Witch Lash (Greater)
Traits: Flourish
Action cost: Number of attacking hands -1
Effect: Pausing yourself and allowing to take a few notes from your mistress, you send your hands out into a viscous volley of unseen attacks. Allowing you to make a attack with all ready shadow hands at once, these attacks are made with the current MAP and only count as one attack for the purposes of after. After using this ability it cannot be used again for 1d3 rounds, However reducing a creature to zero HP reduces the current cooldown time by 1 to a minimum of 1.

Night Cowl

Action cost: 2 Actions
Range: Self (Duration 1 hour, or until hit, or until in direct sunlight)
Frequency: once, refreshed after Refocus
Effect: Effect: You conceal yourself in shadow, granting you a +5 circumstance bonus to stealth attempts to hid or sneak, additionally while within the cown you do not need to end your sneak action behind cover to retain your level of detection so long as you do no end your movement in a space with bright light.

Additionally if Night Cowl is used while within total darkness no stealth roll is required and you automatically become Undetected from creatures without darkvision, and hidden to creatures with darkvision.



Flesh of smoke (Basic)
Traits: Action cost: Passive
Effect: You are able to pass through thin objects and tight spaces while enveloped in Night Cowl and undetected, slipping through and seem or tight space that would allow the passage of air through that is no greater distance than 5ft.

Unseen shadows (Basic)
Action cost: 2 action
Effect: In a pinch the shadows of the dark even in full daylight can give you the much needed time to reposition or flee. Allowing you to forgo the normal effect of Night cowl in order to become fully invisible for a short time, the effectiveness of this is dependent on the surrounding areas light value as explained below.

Bright Light: Become invisible for a duration of 1 round.
Low light: Become invisible for 6 rounds.
Pitch Black: Gain greater invisibility for 1 minute or until you take damage, as well as gain 10ft of additional movement

A knife in the dark (Greater)
Traits: Action cost: Passive
Effect: While under the effects of Night Cowl the first attack you make while Undetected is always considered a critical hit. Additionally humanoid enemies that you are unnoticed too while within night cowl must decrease the success value to resist a coup de grace from you by 1.


Choking Darkness

Action cost: 2 actions (Somatic Verbal)
Range: Touch (Can be delivered with Shadow hands)
Frequency: Once every 10 minutes Effect: With a few muttering of words and mild gestures you can cause complete sensory deprivation upon someone. Make a spell attack upon a creature within range if the attack hits the creature suffers 2d4 negative damage (+1d4 lvls 7,9,11,13), and must make a fortitude Will save against your class DC.

Critical Success: No Effect
Success: Target Range of vision reduced to 20ft, and can only speak in choked sentences.
Failure: suffocating for 1d4 rounds
Critical Failure: 4 rounds + target is suffocating until it can beat the DC (checks after at end of turn)



Shared suffering (Basic)
Action cost: 1 focus point
Range: same, however +15ft square
Frequency: Once until refocus
Effect: You have learned how to with a single cast affect not just one person but even those in the immediate vicinity of the same individual, after spending one focus point in the use of Choking Darkness. The original target takes 4d4 negative damage (+1d4 lvls 7,9,11,13), and must make a fortitude Will save against your class DC. and all those in a 15ft square of that individual take half that damage, and must make the same save in order to resist the abilities affects.

Greater effects (Basic)
Action cost: passive
Effect: You have learned to use the ability to a greater existent, enemies that fail or critically fail are also Blinded and Deafened.

Night Terrors
Action cost: passive
Effect: In your victims sensory deprivation they are struck with horrific visions, creations of their own person terrors. Any creature that is suffering from the failure or critical failure effects of Choking Darkness takes an additional 1d10 psychic damage for each round they remain under its effect.

Additionally and sleeping creature you cast choking darkness on and fails, you have the option to pull them into a dream reality forgoing the normal effects. The appearance and make of said reality is under your full control. While here you control their reality as you see fit for the discussion shifting allowing you to play the small game of god for awhile to whatever poor soul that is entrapped with you. If choking night is used this way its durations is indefinite so long as you sustain touch with the victim or until the victim somehow expires.

Shadow Step

Action Cost: 1 action
Range: 30 ft
Duration: Instantaneous
Frequency: Once every 1d4 rounds
Effect: The shadows of the world a full of paths of their own, and you have gained an understanding of how to walk these pathways. Allowing you to teleport to any shadow or area that is either low-light or dark, stepping through your own shadow to appear somewhere else. Additionally should you already be located in an area of lowlight or darkness you may use Shadow step as a Swift action.


Fleet Shadows (Basic)
Traits: Flourish, Encounter
Action Cost: 1 - 3 AP
Range: 15 ft
Duration: Instantaneous
Frequency: Once per combat
Combining both the movement of the shadows and a few fast attack you become a deadly assailant. Allowing yourself to teleport and launch an attack in any order, additionally you may double this effect for 3 ap both attacks using your current MAP but both counting separately overall.

Resilient Shade (Basic)
Action Cost: Passive
You no longer need to appear in a location of shadow or lowlight while using your Shadow step ability.

Shadow leap (Greater)
Traits: Exploration
Action Cost: 3 Action
Range: 200 Ft
Duration: 30 seconds - 1 minute
Frequency: Standard - Once a day
Channeling yourself you are able to leap a great distance in a single Shadow step after a breif channel (30 seconds) this ability using the same cooldown as a normal shadowstep. Additionally you have learned to walk through the path of shadows so well you can cover a far greater distance within moments, Allowing you to teleport to any known location within 5 miles at the nearest and most applicable shadow within the area. Additionally you may bring up to 3 other willing creature with you so long as they are within 10 ft of you, each additional creature increases the cast time by 30 seconds.

Additionally your standard Shadowstep distance is increased by 20ft and Fleet shadows range is increased by 5ft.

Night Mothers Embrace

Action Cost: 1 action
Range: Self
Duration: 3 minutes
Frequency: once until rest
Effect: In her own wordless way your mistress heals your wounds when your reach out, closing the most severe of bleeding cuts and injuries. While activated you gain fast healing 5 (Increasing by 1 lvls 8, 11, 14, 17, and 20), this healing cleanses any poisons within your system that are caused from wounds, Should you fall below 0 hp while this effect is active you will be healing 10 hp upon the start of your turn however the fast healing will end after you have returned.


Quick Fix (Basic)
Action Cost: 2 actions
Range: Touch
Effect: In the the thick of a fight where time is of the essence you can heal both your own wounds and the wounds of your allies quickly. Allowing you to forgo the fast normal fast healing effect to instead directly heal a creature you touch 8d8 (Increasing by 1d8 lvls 8, 11, 14, and 17) hit points. As well as cleanse any minor injuries and poisoned wounds afflicting a creature.

Aura Twilight (Basic)
Action Cost: Passive
Range: +15ft aura
Effect: You connection to your mistress has grown as much as hers has to you, making you a conduit of her mysterious magic and your own. Allowing you to heal not only yourself but those around you. Thus when you activate the Fast healing allies within 15ft of you gain the benefits as well, however such an effect has its duration halfed to 1:30 (75 hp maximum). Additionally if you use this along for quick fix the healing is 5d8 rather than the standard.
  Note: should an ally fall unconscious the effect can mimic the standard effect as though it were only you however this will end the effect similarly, otherwise the ally is simply stabilized.

Kissed by the Night (Greater)
Action Cost: Passive
Range: Touch
Effect: Their never goes a moment you are outside of your mistresses protection, granting you an indefinite effect of the standard Night Mothers Embrace, as well as immunity to wound inflicted poisons. Additionally any outside source of healing use on you is adds your level to the amount of HP gained. However you must still use the active variations of this ability to affect others, and those effects do not stack with your own.

However additionally, you now possess the ability to pull those around you from the jaws of death even after it has taken them. So long as it has been no longer than 1 minute since their death and there is still a healable body you may touch the body of the deceased and share a piece of your immortality with them, suffering the penalty of death in their place. Doing so returns the creature to life fully healed and regenerates minor lost limbs, however corrin suffers 3d10 necrotic damage that cannot reduced and counts their death as his own.


Action Cost: 3 AP
Range: Self
Duration: 8 hours, until killed, or dismissed
Frequency: Once per day
Effect: You have learned how to coalesce shadows into a controllable form to project yourself within, Allowing you to over a brief channeling summon a doppelganger of pure shadow this creature shares your silloughet however is otherwise featureless. it is able to deliver mundane messages and understand direct and non-complex commands as well as act independently on that sole order within a 10 mile radius of the caster. Additionally you are able to assume control of the doppelganger yourself, while doing so your original body is considered unconscious. The creature possesing the stats as seen below. Any non innate or equipment based abilities are lost while in control of the doppleganger

Size: Medium or small.
Hp: 2xInt
Ac: 20
Attributes: +2 Dex and Str (base scores are your own)
Movement: 40 land, 20ft fly
Claws: 2d6 + Dex (Negative)
Special: Can Hide in shadows


Stringless puppet (Basic)
Your doppelganger can now understand although basic but far more intricate instructions beyond just a singular task, possessing a modicum of your own mentality when presented tasks and obstacles in its path. Additionally it is able to speak in any language you know and can reliable recount anything you yourself would instinctually find notable.
  Beyond this your doppelganger is now capable of fighting in combat without your direct control, capable of rending foes limb from limb. However while unsummoned and your shadow your doppleganger with swipe with its claws at any creature within 5ft of you mimicking the traits of Attack of Opportunity.

Mimic (Basic)
Effect: You have learned to shape and bend shadows not only to a humanoid form but a near perfect imitation, allowing your doppelganger to adopt the shed its incorporeal for yet gain to perfect likeness of any medium or smaller creature that it possess organic material for within its pocket dimension (Flesh, hair, Bone, Etc ). While mimicking the doppelganger is corporeal and mimics the hardness of objects that were last on that person as well as a perfect likeness, However although it does mimic their voice its unable to mimic soul thus will likely fail to deceive if spoken to without direct control. and can interact with physical objects. Additionally it is able to change in and out of these form at will given 10 seconds.

Perfect Shadow
Effect: Your doppelganger has grown in strength the same as you feeding of your power granting it a new string of abilities as shown below. Additionally your Doppleganger now posseses a near life like understanding, its mentality a near direct reflection of your own and now capable of acting on its own if needed and able to understand and instructions that you yourself would undertstand or intend. If you are unable to act or give orders it is capable of acting on its own and always in your interest.
  Stat Changes
Size: Large or smaller.
Hp: 4xInt
Ac: 26
Attributes: +4 Dex and Str (base scores are your own)
Movement: 50 land, 30ft fly
Claws: 2d8 + Dex (Negative)

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