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A naturally occurring mutation to the goblin species since their arrival on Emeriss, for every 1,000 goblins born, perhaps two will be a hobgoblin.   Tall as a man, hobgoblins are strong, intelligent, and dangerous adversaries. While the average goblin patrol is more than capable of taking down a team of fledgling adventurers, especially if given the opportunity to prepare, a single hobgoblin is more than a match for three trained soldiers making them a threat best taken with utmost sincerity.   With a superficial resemblance to half-orcs, hobgoblins are far capable than their goblin cohorts and almost invariably trend towards leadership using their raw power and superior cunning to marshal their tribes into more cohesive forces. A troop of goblins with a hob at their head can pose a threat to even the most seasoned heroes, especially if they can trick the adventurers into underestimating them.   Unlike most goblins, hobs are given a name at birth. Chosen by the elders of the child's tribe, this name calls back to the hobgoblin's tribal allegiance and the shared glory of any hobs who may have come before them, making it an unwise decision to shorten "Gara Wolska" to "Gara" regardless of familiarity.

Encompassed species

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