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Feng Gola

A deadly warrior and charismatic leader, Feng Gola united the disparate goblin tribes of the Deepwood under her banner and now commands the largest goblin army in all of Emeriss as their chieftain.   Very little is known about the enigmatic Feng Gola other than that she has been chieftain for as long as any living goblin can remember and that her motives appear to revolve entirely around the wellbeing of her historically mistreated subjects. Equally prepared to sit at the negotiating table or lead her armies in open warfare, she will do whatever it takes to give her people the lives they deserve.   Recent developments within the Deepwood have forged something of an alliance between Feng Gola and the human bard Chance Oldestreet, whose efforts to integrate the goblins into greater Ruellan society and elevate them into economic prosperity have earned him the favor of their chieftain. Relations between the goblins and the civilized world have never before been as smooth as they currently are within the city Deepvale and by all appearances, Feng Gola is pleased by the developments.   Even so, beyond the borders of Ruelle, there are rumors of Feng Gola's name among the increasingly organized and defiant goblins of Duras. How she may have spread her influence beyond the impassable Ludo Mountains is anyone's guess but if the rumors are true then the already embattled armies of the Durasian crown may well find themselves fighting a second war that they cannot hope to win.

195 lbs

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