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Dame Alessa Bevans

A knight to Countess Ishta of Ashover, Dame Alessa's is a well known name within her master's county.   She's ridden into battle numerous times against the armies of the Vennican Dominion and her lance has turned aside the grasping hand of Grand Magus Alaise's forces more than once. She is a hero to her people, especially in her home town of Bruveran Village, but to none so much as her daughter, Bethany who wishes nothing more than to follow in her mother's footsteps.   Returning from duty on the front lines, Dame Alaise discovered that her village had been raided by goblins in her absence and her daughter presumably taken - all while the Retinue of Mhigo Ala slept peacefully on a hill less than a mile away from the village edge.   Storming the camp, she demanded a team of the Retinue's adventurers to aid her in tracking down the goblin threat, eliminating the offending tribe, and rescuing Bethany. A mother herself, Roatan Hassan heard the woman's rage and dispatched a small coterie to assist Dame Alessa in her goals but when the group finally tracked down the goblin encampment they found far more resistance than anticipated.   The attempt to take the camp by deceit failed, forcing the Retinue to abandon one of their own - the Barbarian Duraaq - and retreat.   Dame Alessa rebuked the Retinue for what she perceived as gross incompetence and left them to find a way to rescue her daughter on her own.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Knight of Commission
Year of Birth
511 (35 years old)
Bruveran Village
Current Residence
Bruveran Village
180 lbs
Other Affiliations

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