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The succubus Cherry has served Persephone since before mortals ever set foot upon the soil of Emeriss.   She takes to her work as a ferryman with lackadaisical nonchalance, frequently offering the souls of the dead "one last bump before we hit the road," but the dead are always delivered and she's never brought one in late.   Unlike many of her fellow ferrymen, Cherry prefers the hedonistic revelries of the material plane to the somewhat more sedate pleasures of her mistress' underworld. She spends much of her spare time, what little she has of it, carousing with mortals and indulging in the sort of vices many of her compatriots would consider, at best, "unseemly."   It was during just one such evening that she encountered then Officer Sharon Sanders.   Sanders' gruff, deadpan humor and Cherry's chronically relaxed disposition made for instant chemistry and the two quickly began to see more and more of one another until the mortal abruptly called things off without any explanation.   It wasn't until nineteen years later that she discovered why.   While exploring an aged crypt for something she could jerry rig into a replacement for a blown "planar discombobulator fuse" in Stella, the car she uses to ferry the dead, she was met with a fireball thrown by the inimitable Criella Carrion. She was able to wave off the spell but the scent of the tiefling's magic reminded the succubus of her own and the two very quickly put one and one together.   Ever since, she has made it her goal to reunite the family she didn't realize she had, despite now Detective Sharon Sanders' initial protestations. Unfortunately for Detective Sanders, Cherry has had more than enough years at her current job to accrue some serious vacation time...

Year of Birth
-5897 (6443 years old)
Red and black
120 lbs
Aligned Organization
The Ferrymen of Persephone

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