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Celwyn's Commonly Known Facts

"They say a famous bard has to sing or perform to help their legend grow. Celwyn proved that listening and buying drinks could be a formidable set of skills on their own."
  Celwyn's Commonly Known Facts is a widely circulated pamphlet carried by many merchants, students, and travelers, especially those who have passed through Dawngarden or Altarfell.  


The contents of Celwyn's Commonly Known Facts are brief and without flourish or drama, but represent helpful, generally-accepted facts about many realms on the continent. The most commonly reproduced bi-product of this work is set of small cards used by merchants to study up on the nations they are about to enter.  

Theocracy of Sirastir

  • Geography: Deserts of varying altitudes surrounded by temperate coastlines. Notable for high mesas
  • Government: Theocracy - led by High Priest Council
  • Official worship only allowed for: Paladine, Pelor, Reorx, Freya, and Thoth. Major temples to each of these deities exist in the capital Sheabluff.
  • Sirastir rose to power at the start of the age as it filled the vacuum left by the Caelian Empire

Principality of Argyle

  • Geography: Fertile land with hills and forests slowing travel.
  • Government: Feudal - Prince Luctor
  • Most of the land that makes up Argyle was previously the territory of the great green dragon Beryl.
  • Many ancient sites from the early 2nd age remain undisturbed due to the dragon's previous presence.


  • Geography: Highlands covered in rivers with many small villages; easier to navigate by small boat
  • Government: Gerontacracy - Elder Adran
  • The official capital in Altarfell has an awful smell from dark magic pollution, and is rumored to be on the verge of revolt.
  • The Elder Council of Ogria has relocated to Cowcatch Prarie

The Grand Duchy of Dolone

  • Geography: Covered in tall mountains and remote outposts
  • Government: Autocracy - Lord Garrick
  • Gnomes make up 1% of the population of Dolone but occupy nearly all positions of power in Lord Garrick's regime.
  • Factions contesting for rulership engage in both subtle and open attacks on each other

Golden Republic of Marothell

  • Geography: Tropical rivers and marshlands; bamboo forests
  • Government: Republic - Premier Igan
  • The capital Dawn Garden is the largest trade center in central Emergo
  • The Paper Court is said to have a stronghold in Dawn Garden

Memimrest Empire

  • Geography: Temperate climate, mountainous borders and calm seas
  • Government: Magocracy - Drammondew (and Council)
  • Officially 510 years old, including the autonomous period while technically still land claimed by the Caelian Empire
  • 367 different noble houses track a very precise hierarchy within the Magocracy


  • Geography: Above ground the land is covered in temperate forests, with far more wilderness than arable land
  • Government: Oligarchy - Lady Thyra
  • Little is known of the current state in the subterranean kingdom. Two generations ago, a few wealthy families of outsiders were granted land to maintain security of key surface points in Toria.
  • The Great Forge is powered by the grand canal separating Toria from Menimrest in the northwest

Holy Dominion of Tirise

  • Geography: Tropical climate with shallow lakes and several islands
  • Government: Theocracy - ???
  • Not a member of the Lords' Alliance
  • home to Temple of the Ilmatari


  • Geography: Tundra highlands with frozen finger lakes
  • Government: Hierarchy - ???
  • Not a member of the Lords' Alliance


  • Geography: Tropical climate on land and sea; dense jungles and a famous volcano
  • Government: Monarchy - ???
  • Not a member of the Lords' Alliance
  • Territory on the mainland and nearby archipelago are connected via underground roadways

About the Author

Celwyn Receli Mydira Xyroqys is a 263 year old female rock gnome bard. Her short amber hair and red eyes stand in contrast to her heather grey skin, which is helpful for her otherwise forgettable face. When she does speak, Celwyn rolls her "R"s profusely, a sign of her southern upbringing.   Celwyn discretely worships a minor gnomish deity Garl Glittergold, credited by them with domain over humor, trickery, and gem cutting. As evidenced in her eponymous work, Celwyn often spies on other people and keeps a very precise journal.

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