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Seeing a car being hurled at someone from across the street was normal for Keegan. « Stupid-ass Crescents, I have school you bunch of fucking walnuts… » he would snarl their way, but never enough for one to hear—they tend to have bad tempers and he doesn't need to late to school…again. Crescents this, Crescents that; oooo, a Gibbous was going a rampage downtown…yeah, whatever those are. Keegan's last fuck about Crescents and their shit flew out of the door the moment one decided that it would attempt at making him a hostage at a robbery. One carefully timed fist later and that problem was solved. Then again, it was all thanks to his parents and their paranoia about him being a Crescent's punching bag—hey, whatever works. Or…doesn't work. Some news segment about "dangerous Gibbous group" thing taking residence close to Keegan's semi-quiet neighborhood and one moment later he's packing up his things, saying goodbye to his parents, and on a plane off to some boarding school he's googling on the 4-hour flight there. "It's for your safety," his father said. "We do this because we love you," his mother said. Well, Keegan called BS on the first part—they know their son can take care of himself. However, he's not sure about the first part. What the hell, he's at the age where it was teen versus parents versus adults (in general) so the boarding school may not be so bad. But then again…

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