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Embers of Scoria

Year 1124 A.G.D.

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Six nations forged with Iron and Steel, a forgotten civilization of a people long past, an international industry of brilliant and innovative technologies, and a world of fantastic magic waiting to be discovered.   Welcome to Embers of Scoria!   EoS is an action packed world that combines High Fantasy with Steampunk-SciFi. It is a tale of love and war, fraught with perilous adventures and dramatic, high-stakes encounters. The Seven Realms are each home to a variety of civilizations, united under the banners of the Six Kings.   From the Highland Plains of Revalia, to the harsh Winter Region of Tundrane, the Arid Dunes of Erodus, the Swampy Marshes of Chthonia, with the sprawling Forest Region of Sylvane, the many Islands of Illenore, and the ancient Ashland Ruins of Scoria. The world is vast and full of possibilities.   Function wise, the RP uses dumbed down variant of D&D's combat system, and Rich and Ninji's stat system with an added magic system.   The Seven Realms are filled with a cornucopia of diverse races of sentient species including Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs, as well as a variety of less major races, like the Lacerta, Miara, or Mantisites. Your character will be dynamic, regardless of race choice.   Regardless of anything, please enjoy.