Yacrena, the Sun

Visible in all but the darkest realms, great measurement of the passage of time and source of all heat and light in Yophas -- save for the countless stars in Ipacia, which seem ever distant and unreachable -- Yacrena is known by a great many names. Usually referred to as the Sun, it has also been known as Sol, Solis, Soare, Ia, Alshams, and countless other names not inscribed here. Yacrena is less of a plane and more of a fixture in the natural order. It can't be traveled to, at least not be any known means, yet it bears most heavily on Akkerath. Indeed, some haughty fire genasi and flame elementals have even claimed to have been to the Sun, but these are all unsubstantiated tales. As far as anyone knows, the Sun simply rises and falls, measuring day and night and providing warmth and life.  

Alindr's Home

It is believed that Alindr had a great fortress of titanium hidden in the heart of Yacrena, but it is only mentioned in legends and myths. Dubbed the Core of Yophas, this fortress housed the greatest repositories of knowledge and arcane secrets the multiverse over. Now, who knows if it's real? Even if it was, how would anyone even hope to reach it?
Metaphysical, Astral


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