Vokatha, the Shifting Domain

Credits to Yiwen Li from Artstation for the burning cover art!
Border Plane of Lava and Volcanoes, Vokatha is the melding of Gliziarial and Akkerath. Closer to the Malachite Planes, Vokatha becomes a realm of nearly-dead volcanoes, while it becomes a sea of lava by Akkerath. Between these two biomes is the Shifting Domain itself. Here, the former's mountains and earth meets the latter's blistering heat and constant change to create a blasted realm of ever-moving lava flows and magma drifts shifting between similarly changing volcanoes. Like Epharan, Vokatha's sky is constantly choked by the ash and smoke of the incessant eruptions of the plane's countless volcanoes; however, unlike the Ashen Expanse, the Shifting Domain is very well-lit and much more hot, for the same reasons as the choked sky.  


Much like Epharan, few entities call Vokatha home. But, just like with the temperature and sky before, Vokatha is a juxtaposition of Epharan in many ways. Unlike the Ashen Expanse's inconstant residents, those few creatures that do call Vokatha home do so fully. Titanic dragons of heat and fire sleep in the bellies of some of the largest volcanoes in Yophas, while fire salamanders and other, smaller creatures build colonies and communities around geothermal vents and gas geysers. Hidden within the constant change of Vokatha are surprisingly resilient and steadfast inhabitants, whether they be a single dragon, a fire giant stronghold, or a colony of millions of microscopic thermophiles.
Dimensional plane


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