Tudulion, the Eternal Ocean

Credits to Leon Tukker from Artstation for the swell cover art!
Starting as the Eternal Ocean, a region of an endless, tropical sea broken by intricate reefs, islands, and stony crags, before becoming a realm of pure water known as the Primordial Sea, Tudulion is the Elemental Realm of Water. In the Eternal Ocean, pirate and merchant fleets sail from tropical island to tropical island across a sea of glistening blue water. Atop the islands, pirate hideouts, trade ports, and towns and cities dot the landscape among white stone cliffs and tropical jungles, while underwater behemoths, beautiful coral reefs, impossibly deep trenches, and entire underwater societies fill the seas between.  


Of all the Pure Realms, Tudulion's border region has the most diverse flora and fauna. Complex ecosystems form on both the islands and in the seas and channels of the Eternal Ocean. Tropical jungles dominate the former, with alligators and panthers hunting gorillas and hippos amidst a lush tangle of underbrush and ponds. In the seas, infinitely more complicated food webs form the backbone of sprawling biospheres, where all forms of aquatic flora and fauna live amidst the crystal blue waters. And in the cities of the Eternal Ocean, water genasi and elementals, triton, weresharks, and various other forms of sentient life live alongside all sorts of mortals from across Yophas within bustling cities and shanty towns. Beyond this, in the Primordial Sea of pure water, only elementals can survive: the water lacks even the most basic elements within it to sustain life. Chief among them are the Oceanic Lords, a group of water elementals who divide up and control the power of Asūlon, the Water Titan.   Beyond these, leviathans and aberrant creatures occasionally bubble up and into Tudulion, rising from the planar rifts to Atithis that hide in the deepest trenches of the Eternal Ocean. They become the gods of societies of sahuagin and kua-toa, giving rise to occasional conflicts when the followers of these abyssal entities seek to bring their masters' wills to the surface.
Dimensional plane


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