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Syralth, the Sapphire of the Silver Sea

On the busy trade routes of the Silver Sea, there is a general lack of piracy and other threats to the safety of the countless merchant fleets that sail. But there is one who dares to strike the oft heavily guarded convoys of the Silver Sea, one who has earned a deceptively docile name: Syralth, the Sapphire of the Silver Sea. A tyrant upon the waves, this dementedly cruel and magically gifted blue dragonborn commands an impressive pirate fleet from his flagship, the Silver Sapphire. He is one of the most wanted people in all of Emaxus, with bounties in several kingdoms and nations totaling in the hundreds of thousands of gold pieces.   He is known for his cold calculation and cruelty that gives way to unrequited insanity in the heat of battle. Rare is it that ships stopped by Syralth himself escape. Often, their valuables are taken, the crew slaughtered or press-ganged into service, and the ship is left scuttled and sinking. It is often said that the only fate worse than seeing the Silver Sapphire's sails on the ocean is seeing the dorsal fins of a dragon turtle or the horrid shadow of a kraken. The only problem is that the latter two are infinitely rarer than the former.

A Tyranny Borne of Fear

Little is known of Syralth's life before he became the Sapphire of the Silver Sea. But, in hushed tones and quiet rumors, a tale has been woven around the mysteries of his childhood. The common belief is that Syralth's need to be feared and to be respected is borne from an abundance of the former and a lack of the latter in his early life. Some believe he belonged to a family of subsistence farmers in Drakkina, and fled to secure a true future for himself. Others say he's the sole survivor of a village that was destroyed in a dragon attack. Whatever the truth is, there are many who try and find a reason within Syralth's past for his demented tyranny upon the seas in his present.


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