Sylthereth, the Verdant Paradise

Credits to Florian Dreyer on Artstation for the fantastic cover art!
Evergreen land of mountainous forests and fey courts, Sylthereth was the home of Syluru and her followers. It is cut up by pleasant, snow-capped mountain ranges, with crystal clear rivers and lakes tucked among the temperate forests that fill the valleys between. At the bases of these mountains or hidden among these endless forests, great fey cities and their constituent settlements and fortresses rise, their majestic spires of marble and green ceramics blending with the surrounding forest. And at the center of it all is the great floating forest of Sylureth, where several mountain-sized boulders float gently hundreds of feet in the air. These huge rocks are covered in trees several times larger than those found on the ground below, and among these trees, Syluru's holy city of Salthera hides. Though not as grand nor as peaceful as it was before the Reckoning, Salthera -- and Sylureth itself -- are still some of the most beautiful locales in all of Yophas; however, the heart of Salthera, the Spring's Bloom, lies empty and solemn, for Syluru's god-spirit rests within.  


Sylthereth has flora and fauna very similar to Emaxus' temperate evergreen forests, albeit amplified by the natural magics of the plane. Giant elk and primordial bears roam the forests, and fish the size of boats roam in impossibly deep lakes. As far as sentient life goes, the fey Amaranthine Court controls the majority of Sylthereth's inhabited locales. That's not to say there is no conflict, however, for the fey of the Amaranthine Court delight in trickery and mischievousness, and the many dukes, duchesses, lords, and ladies that comprise the smaller duchies and counties of the Court keep things ever busy between the settlements and cities of the fey. Though rarely all-out war, a great many things occur between various smaller parties, for Queen Naivara -- ruler of the Syltherethian fey, and in Syluru's absence, the entire plane -- allows all but the largest conflicts to pass uninterrupted.  


Sylthereth can be reached a handful of ways: the normal planar magics or Ipacian navigation, or by way of planar rifts in forested areas across Yophas. Given the chaotic nature of the Verdant Paradise, these portals are never stagnant; indeed, they are often noted to disappear or move anywhere from a few hours to several weeks after they form. But, with some luck -- or magical aid -- portals to Sylthereth can be found hidden away in forest alcoves and deep wilds on Emaxus, Aekkinata, and even Comarath or Isathra. And, travel within Sylthereth isn't the most treacherous, especially compared to other planes, with the only real threats being titanic wildlife and fey tricksters. Although, even the verdant hollows of Sylthereth aren't without their nefarious malefactors, fey or otherwise...
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