Star-Eyes, the Eldritch Curse

Star-Eyes is the name given to a very rare ocular condition that affects humans and humans alone.


It is unknown what truly causes Star-Eyes, but the lore of the curse is that it is a curse caused by Xeccamundian influence. It is known that Star-Eyes only begin under a full Lysithea.


Star-Eyes has three key stages: curse-birth, curse-growth, and curse-death.   The curse-birth's symptom is where the name of the curse comes from:¬†star-like flecks of gold or white begin to spread across the victim's irises. The dominant color of the iris begins to shift and become a deep purple or even black. During this time, the victim begins to go blind. This typically takes a month.   During curse-growth, the victim's blindness begins to be replaced with a new sight. Descriptions vary, but it tends to go along the lines of seeing through the darkness -- of witnessing reality through the darkness of their blindness, as though defining shapes in the absence of light. This blindsight manifests itself over the course of one to three months. Some victims also manifest certain supernatural abilities during this time: ability to read the stars, minor magical abilities, etc.   Curse-death occurs between four and six months after the initial manifestation of Star-Eyes. For a day to a week, the victim begins to hear constant whispering. It is unknown how long these whispers actually would go on for, as no victim has ever lasted longer than a week.¬†   These whispers start by instructing the victim to witness the truth of existence, to peer into the void between the fabrics of reality. These whispers progress: causing self-harm, killing loved ones, burning down villages. These whispers have driven victims to terrible things, but it most often drives them to suicide.


No known treatment for Star-Eyes exists.


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