Mathrak, the Fields of Blood

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Riddled with the ruins of fortresses and cities, divided by rivers of magma and blood, and pockmarked by the remains of infernal armies and magical warfare, Mathrak is the largest battlefield in all of Yophas. Realm of eternal warfare -- not honorable combat, like Isathra -- the Fields of Blood are the aptly named locale for the battles waged between the legions of Iduran and the hordes of Ix'akroth and demonic armies of Accorion. Ash spewed from massive volcanoes chokes the sky, retaining the heat unleashed by plumes of lava and smoke, making Mathrak one of the hottest planes outside of Akkerath.   When Narvox took control of Iduran's militaries during the Reckoning, Mathrak became a staging ground for infernal invasions of Emaxus and other planes -- and when the Children of Yamma learned this, it became a battlefield between celestial armies and devilish legions. In the wake of those God-Wars, Mathrak became abandoned and infested. The swarms of Ix'akroth made their homes amidst the ruined camps and forts, and demonic intruders took hold of the ruins of once-great infernal cities. Since then, Mathrak has erupted into war once more, as the legions of Iduran march forth from the Burning Gates to reclaim lost ground -- and now, they are under the control of the archdevils once more.  


Mathrak is a blasted wasteland with little flora or fauna outside of the infernal armies that fight to claim it. While some predators remain -- those burrowing hunters and heat-adapted beasts that can survive -- almost all creatures that call the Fields of Blood home are devils in the service of Iduran's hierarchy, swarms of insects and the like from Ix'akroth, or demonic armies from Accorion. Sprinkled among these endless, warring forces are extraplanar mercenaries of all kinds, the occasional aberrant invaders, and other powerful entities with an interest in the outcome of the war in Mathrak: ancient dragons, fire giant monarchs, elemental princes, and more.  


Travel to Mathrak can be achieved through some constant planar rifts, alongside the usual planar teleportation or Ipacian travel. There are the Burning Gates, titanic portals to Iduran guarded on both sides by massive infernal garrisons, though getting through those without the proper clearance or infernal favor is nigh impossible. On the other hand, many volcanic caves in Mathrak lead to Vokatha, and vice versa, and in the time since the Reckoning, rifts have been opened to both Ix'akroth and Accorion in those regions infested by those Divine Planes' inhabitants, alongside the permanent connections formed in some of the titanic chasms that scar certain portions of the Fields of Blood.
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