Isaetika, the Planar Storm

Credits to Max Horbatiuk from Artstation for the thrilling cover art!
Forming the shifting boundary between Tudulion and Gahelas, Isaetika is the Border Plane of Storms. Most of Isaetika is a massive roiling sea, over which an endless storm crackles and booms. Closer to Gahelas, the sea disappears, and closer to Tudulion, the storm goes away, but the traits of the remaining component remains the same: the former is a crackling storm with no ocean and the latter is a roiling sea with no clouds or rain. Those two boundary portions of Isaetika are often -- to those handful of people who travel through them and survive -- noted as being eerily unnatural. "A raging sea with no storms is like an angry drunk with no mead," some say. It makes little sense.    Meanwhile, the Planar Storm is that portion of Isaetika where Gahelas and Tudulion meld fully, and it is a monsoon that consumes anything that passes through it and leaves no sign of the remains. As such, Isaetika is one of the least understood planes, so much so that there aren't even enough records of flora or fauna to make an "Inhabitants" section.
Dimensional plane


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