Iduran, the Hellish Realms

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Blasted plane of Hell, Iduran is the land of the devils and their archdevil rulers, the Devils Ultimate. Iduran is divided into a number of hellish kingdoms, all ruled by infernal lords installed by Xhor'thras, the ruler of Iduran. Fueled by souls and gold gained from contracts signed across Yophas, Iduran has some of the best organized and well-equipped legions ever seen -- which is what earned Narvox's attention in the time preceding the Reckoning. To prepare for his vengeance against Yamma, Narvox came and wrested control of Iduran's legions to fight in the God-Wars. In those conflicts, they were nearly entirely exhausted, and Iduran's devils spent several centuries recovering and licking their wounds.   Now, with metals and minerals drawn from deep within the crags and volcanoes that scar and dot the landscape of Iduran, the devils have renewed their military expansion, and the Burning Gates open once more to allow the devilish legions forth into Mathrak.  


Though it is limited, there is some flora and fauna within Iduran aside from the devils, many of which have been pressed into the service of Iduran's kingdoms. Among these are great beasts of burden -- not unlike the falaraks of Drumis -- and fiery herbs capable of fueling furnaces and factories. And, as far as the devils themselves go, they are incredibly varied. Some have been crafted by the Devils Ultimate to serve specific functions in Iduranith society or the infernal war machine, while others were among the original devil types created when Yophas was formed.  
The intricacies of the hierarchy of the Hellish Realms are innumerable. Perhaps, at some point, those intricacies will be enumerated and chronicled by the scholars of Emaxus. But, that day is not today. The different ranks, titles, and functions of the devils of Iduran are largely still unknown, but what is known is the names and believed roles of the Iduranith archdevils, known colloquially as the Devils Ultimate.
The Devils Ultimate
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Reaching Iduran is more difficult than most other planes. In an attempt to prevent incursions---especially in the wake of Narvox's usurpation during the Reckoning---Iduran has been sealed from all but secured, sanctioned Ipacian routes, all of which deposit travelers in Aidrocuria, Rarrimer's kingdom of lechery, and the most powerful planar magics. The most surefire way to reach Iduran is through the Burning Gates: the set of massive portals that link Iduran and Mathrak. These titanic apertures are reinforced and defended on both sides by some of the largest infernal garrisons in Yophas, for the Burning Gates are the gates to Iduran -- and the Iduranith command has seen what could happen if they are ever breached.   Travel within Iduran ranges in difficulty. Devils don't necessarily kill travelers on sight; in fact, sanctioned merchants and companies keep the booming trade of the devils alive. Besides, mortals in Iduran means easy coins and easy souls, with the right amount of pressure.
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