Gliziarial, the Malachite Planes

Credits to Nina Leinwatter from Artstation for the rock-solid cover art!
Gliziarial, Elemental Realm of Earth, is arguably the most welcoming of the four Pure Realms. Its border region, the Malachite Planes, is a realm of sweeping vistas of stone and dirt broken by crystal clear lakes and towering crags of minerals and ores. Its settlements, known as the Cities of Stone, are some of the wealthiest places in all of Yophas. Within them, elementals and earth genasi lead massive mining cartels, who extract the near-infinite valuable materials from the Malachite Planes and trade them across the Eternal Design -- often through lucrative trade deals with merchants from Akkerath. Beyond the Malachite Planes lies the Primordial Stone, where the crags become mountains that reach higher and higher until nothing but earth and ore remains.  


In the Malachite Planes and their Cities of Stone, entities from all over Yophas make their home. Alongside these impossibly varied foreigners, the native earth genasi and earth elementals, stone and hill giants, and behir and dragons. Also, thanks to the Malachite Planes relative hospitability, diverse flora and fauna exists, including entire forests and underwater ecosystems near the various large bodies of water that dot the landscape, which are enhanced by the extreme abundance of minerals and elements in said water. As with all the Pure Realms, the inhabitants of Gliziarial become much less diverse past its border region. In the Primordial Stone, only elementals can survive, and chief among these beings are the Heralds of Stone, the earth elemental lords who ensure the growth and change of Gliziarial by way of using the body of Hermax, the Earth Titan, and channeling its energy across the Realm of Earth.
Dimensional plane


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